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10 Personal Development Goals for 2021

Maybe you are thinking: Here we go again! Another year; another self-improvement plan. Well, if you live on the same planet as we do, you also had to go through a strange year in 2020, when many people had to ask themselves key questions about their lives and what it meant. Now, more than ever, making ourselves stronger is an important aspect of life, we all need to work on. Here are 10 things you can do to achieve greater personal development, in 2021.

Change what you can and learn to accept the Rest

This should become the rule by which you define your life. If you do so, you will always remain pro-active, as you will look to better your situation all the time, whenever things are not as you would like them to be. Yet, at the same time, you won’t continue fighting wars you can never win.

Seek Help from Outside

Bettering ourself is one of the hardest things to do. We are who we are, usually because we believe it is the best way to be. Otherwise, we would be different. Understanding that we don’t have the answers to everything and making space for new solutions is exactly what you will do, when you will take the decision to look for personal coaching.

Call Back Old Friends and Colleagues

Making new friends is not always the easiest thing to do. Especially if you work a lot and have a family at home. However, bouncing ideas with new people is always a great way to develop ourself rapidly. That’s why it is worth thinking about reconnecting with long-lost pals.

Review your Personal and Professional Goals

We all look to achieve something. It may be simple, like building a happy family (not always so simple) or very complicated like building an empire, in your professional field. But no matter what your goals are, it is good to sit down and re-evaluate them every once in a while. Sometimes you will find that you are not pushing yourself hard enough, while other times, you will understand that it is probably time to scale back a little, if you ever want to realize your dream.

Be Good to Yourself

If you can never do wrong, then jump to the next point; you just won’t understand this one. Though you might question yourself since we all do stupid things every once in a while… But for all the others, it might be time to be a little more comprehensive with yourself, and cut you some slack. Life is not easy for anyone, and we all makes mistakes.


Oh no! Not the exercising point again! If you react that way, it is clearly because you never tried it! There is simply nothing better for your self-development than to exercise. That’s because it will make you feel joyful, thanks to your hormones and you will sleep better at night; a plus that could really, really, really change your life.


Writing is a great therapy for the soul. You don’t have to have a plan, when you will first open that notebook, faced with pristine white pages. Just sit down in front of it and write the first thing you think of. It will free you and unburden you of things on your mind. In fact, you will feel physically lighter after a writing session.

Find time to Travel

True, this might not be the easiest thing to do in 2021. But you don’t have to go that far to travel and discover new things. In fact, just take the car, hop on the highway and head into any direction. You will either end-up walking in the mountains or in the forest or you will discover a historical site, you did not even know existed. What it will do, is take your mind off work, or anything else that is bothering you.

Eat Better

No matter how much you exercise, take part in yoga session or learn to breathe better, if you don’t eat well, you will still have health problems coming your way. What you should aim for, regarding your nutrition, is a balance. Talk to a nutritionist, at least once, so he or she can give you tips on how to adapt the way you currently eat, so that you find an equilibrium.

Find a Routine… and break it Every Once in a While

Routines might be as boring as they sound, but they are the key to achieving our goals. Since the goal of this article is to make yourself better, it only makes sense that we end with this point. If there is no routine in your life, then you will never be able to accomplish this change you are looking for. Just keep in mind that every once in a while, you need to go crazy and let go of a little steam. Then, you should be on your way to becoming a better individual.

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