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Your Next Goal in Five Minutes a Day

By Ilya Alexi

Would you like to learn an effective method for reaching your next goal in only five minutes a day? Here is the simple technique which always works for me...

Step One: The Magic of Thinking Small
First, pick a goal that is *just* beyond your comfort level.

Many motivational teachers urge you to think incredibly big. This may work for people already confident in their power to manifest. But for the person new to using mind power, thinking outrageously big is a disaster. For example, if you haven't had a date in three years you don't want to visualize yourself scoring with bunnies at the Playboy mansion. In theory all goals are definitely achievable — but if you don't believe it's possible, it won't happen. Instead, pick a goal which is reasonable and can be accomplished within a few months. You might want to have just one date in the next three months. Not nearly as thrilling, but a step toward a better life. Want more money in your life? Instead of visualizing suddenly earning $250,000 a year, start with a goal of increasing your wage or your sales by 10 per cent. Start small and build on your success, instead of going for the home run and missing every time.

Step Two: Create a Declaration of Intent
Every morning write down your goal. A good format is a short sentence which begins with "I am now attracting...", "I am now creating...", "I will now..." or "I now intend..."

For example:
"I am now attracting a more loving relationship into my life."
"I will now sell 10% more products each month."
"I am now creating higher self-esteem and confidence."

Create your own wording. The important thing is that when you say it, your emotional state agrees with the statement. An affirmation such as, "I am now exercising every day" doesn't work if you are not exercising every day, because you immediately feel the lie.

A statement which begins "I am now attracting..." or "I now intend..." is true (at least while you are saying it), and holds no contradiction in your emotions.

Step Three: Celebrate your Success
After writing your goal, mentally place yourself in the future to a day when your goal has been accomplished. *Feel* the happiness and excitement you will be feeling knowing you have accomplished your goal. Feel the happiness, feel the success, feel the proud accomplishment of knowing that you can use your own inner power to change your life.

Step Four: Ask for Help From your Future Self
While you are enjoying that feeling, look back to today from that future moment and ask yourself what single action you can take today, to bring your goal to you faster. The future you which has accomplished your goal knows what steps need to be taken. From this vantage point, you can ask yourself what is the next most practical action you can take.

When you get the answer: Write it down, and take that action at some point during the day. Taking action, no matter how small, is the fastest and surest way to convince your subconscious mind that you are serious. This will do wonders for the quick manifestation of your goals.

Step Five: Choose the Same Thing Every Day
Work on only one goal at a time, and don't change goals unless you decide you no longer want the one you started working on. If you no longer want the goal, choose a new one and start again. But if you do want your original, don't stop until you have it.

Warning: lack of persistence is the number one reason why people do not reach their goals. If you give up before you reach your goal, you obviously don't want it very much, do you? Pick a goal that you cannot live without, and start again. This technique only takes about 5 or 10 minutes with your morning coffee and works flawlessly. *If* you do it.

About the author: Ilya Alexi is the editor of Mind Power News, a weekly e-zine dedicated to news headlines, scientific research, and the most powerful resources available to help you unleash the power of your mind.

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