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How to Overcome Destructive Thinking

By Alex Norwood

Now, one of the major emotional and psychological illnesses plaguing mankind and causing a lot of problems at the present age is destructive thinking. The danger of destructive thinking lies more in the fact that many people are usually not aware of the fact that they have this problem. Those who are aware; do not understand how problematic it is.

Overcome Destructive Thinking

It would be good to note that our thoughts are mostly influenced by the things we encounter or are exposed to in life. They have a way of percolating somewhere in us, only to come up mostly in negative patterns with time. Things you said, people we’ve met, things we’ve read in the past, and many others, are potential though subjects.

Now, before we delve into the ways of overcoming this problem, we have to take a holistic look at the problem, by considering the types of destructive thinking that people suffer...
  • Conclusive Thinking without Evidence
    This is a situation where people tend to conclude on issues without a single shred of evidence. They conclude on things without any form of substantiation. Through this type of thoughts, you will fail to see reality as it is, and cling on things that are not real and fail to leave them.
  • No Good Thing Thinking
    This is the thinking pattern where you start believing that nothing good will ever happen to you. Here, you start believing that you are not worthy of any good thing and that events around you will always be negative. It becomes very deep, and you start to believe you will never record success in things. This has the capacity to make you stop trying.
  • Psychic Negative Thinking
    This is the type of thinking that makes people believe that everybody out there is having negative thoughts about them. It makes you to start disliking people and to read negative meanings into their innocent gestures. You start believing that all of them hate you and think badly of you.
  • The Procrastination Type of Thinking
    This is a pattern where people are aware of what they need to do and gain the exact results they desire, but they believe something is keeping them from doing it. You know you can be a champion in creative writing. But you don’t want to try because you believe you don’t have the time yet.
  • Emotional Thinking Pattern
    Here, your life and thought patterns are controlled by your emotions. You feel bad about something and believe it is bad, you feel weak about an action and believe you can’t take that action. It limits you too.
  • Self-Blame Thinking Pattern
    Here, you start thinking that every misfortune around you is caused by you. You will start taking responsibility for every bad thing, and will not do same for the good things that happen around you.
  • Everybody Is Wrong Thinking Pattern
    Here, you see everything done by every other person as very wrong, while you see yourself as the only person that is capable of doing the right thing. This makes you to harbor hatred for every other person, and it makes you too proud.

Overcoming Destructive Thought Patterns

There are tested and proven steps to take to overcome this trend. When these are followed religiously, it is possible to overcome the destructive thoughts completely.

Start by accepting that you have a problem and recognizing the problem. When you recognize that things need to change, you will have the disposition to work towards the change. Understand that people see life from different prisms, and that it’s their right. Think about the fact that you live in a different world and every other person lives in their own, with their unique worldviews. You must understand that people who think that life is great will enjoy a great life and vice versa. With this, you will see the need to change.

The next stage is to always recognize when the negative thoughts creep into you. There are times when people suffer from destructive thoughts in particular issues and think properly in others. All you need to do is to try and realize when these thoughts mostly come up in you.

The last stage is to work towards changing it. The best way to do this is to be ready with preplanned positive thoughts. With this, whenever the negative and destructive thought occurs to you, you call to mind the object of the positive thought and start ruminating on it. You have to start by believing that you can overcome the negative pattern and replace it. When you do, it becomes possible.

If you are a Christian, you will find this easier to do. The bible provides a lot of sources and passages that can help you and spur you into positive thoughts when you want to shutdown negative thoughts. All you need to do is to select a positive verse each day, read it, and have it in mind all through the day. This will always surface when the negative and destructive thoughts come up. With this, you will gradually overcome the destructive thinking pattern.

About the author
Alex Norwood is a 27-year-old sales accountant from Lancashire. “Though I’m not a professional writer it’s my hobby to put together articles from time to time. I live alone and sometimes have a free time to write a piece or two about a passion of my life, self-improving and autodidacticism. Also big sports and technology fan. I started a new site blog, please check it out: PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds.”

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