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Do You Really WANT To Achieve Your Goals?

By Arina Nikitina

We all have dreams. But almost no one sets goals to achieve them. Everyone knows that goal setting works, but almost nobody uses it. Now there are two questions: Why? And, what are YOU going to do about it?

First let's take a look at four major reasons why people don't set goals.

    The fear of failure is probably the greatest single obstacle to success. Many people refuse to set goals because they fear they, and others, will be able to determine if they were successful.

    They don't realize that it is IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL in goal setting. There is just no such thing as failure. But there are such things as OBSTACLES.

    Winners don't view failures as failures; rather, they consider them to be learning experiences and opportunities.

    Thomas Edison sure didn't succeed with his first light bulb. He once said he discovered a few thousand ways for the light bulb not to work before he perfected the winning combination.

    Obstacles will come our way, however, if we perform like a heat-seeking missile. We too can go around, correct our course, and move steadily toward our goals. To get there - and be successful - we must overcome our obstacles and take action.

    There is just one guaranteed way to fail - don't set goals at all.

    Some people think that their dreams can come true without goal setting. They don't realize that there is no such thing as miracle.

    You actually have to DO something to MAKE your dream a reality.

    When you set a goal you create a step-by-step plan, your path to your dreams. And then you just have to follow this path, one step at time.

    Goals give purpose, meaning and direction. By setting goals, and measuring their achievement, you are able to see what you have done and what you are capable of.

    Only goals can change you from a dreamer to a doer.

    They don't teach us in school HOW to set goals. Although goal setting is the most important skill in humans life. If you know HOW to set goals, you can achieve ANYTHING.

    An even worse mistake that people make is to assume that they already know how to set goals. A person who assumes that he or she has a critical skill when, in reality, his or her understanding of it is rudimentary at best, is in great danger of failing at life.

    Many people don't set goals is that they are simply not serious. They are talkers instead of doers. They want to be more successful, they want to improve their lives, but they are not willing to make the necessary effort. They do not have the "fire in the belly" that translates into a burning desire to make something of themselves, to make their lives bigger and better and more exciting.

    The only way you can tell what a person really believes is by actions, not words. It is not what you say, or what you intend, or what you wish or hope or pray for, but ONLY WHAT YOU DO that counts. Your true values and beliefs are only and always expressed in your behavior. One person who will take action is worth ten brilliant talkers who do nothing.

So... What reason applies to you? Are you going to change it? Are you going to DO something about it? The only thing you need is DESIRE. And right now you have only one decision to make: TO DO IT OR DO IT NOT.

Don't wait for a miracle, take action! Learn more about goal setting, about tips and tricks how to achieve your goals, and then use them to make all your dreams a reality!

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