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How Tuning In to One Motivational Video Every Day
Can Transform Your Life

By Donna Jo

With so many influences around us that are positive and negative, it is important to be able to motivate yourself in the right direction. with the help of motivational videos you can boost your awareness, understanding, and capacity to be successful in different areas in life. Fortunately, you don't need to watch many motivational videos to feel the effects in your life. Consider how watching one motivational videos a day can lead you to change your entire life.

Inspires You for Greatness

Motivational videos can inspire you at home, work, college, as an entrepreneur to strive for greatness and high performance. Motivational videos made work so well due to a term called motivation contagion. The American Psychological Association suggests that motivation contagion comes from the observational effect of watching someone else achieve something, as it can make an individual start to like and strive for a similar goal. If you are inspired by people you see on video, you'll be more likely to take similar steps to success.

Motivational videos allow you to be inspired by real life people and historical icons. When you are able to observe examples of other people setting exceptional goals and succeeding after overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, it builds your confidence. Each video gives you the chance to learn new ways to obtain success that are most effective. In addition, you learn what to avoid by gleaning knowledge and wisdom from others experiences onscreen.

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See the Possibilities

Did you know that watching motivational videos can help you to see the possibilities? When you start to see opportunities all around you, it can alter your belief system for the better. Feats that you once thought were impossible may drift within reach. Thinking outside the realm of what you thought was possible opens your eyes and demands a change in attitude. When you are deeply inspired, you want to take more risks and pursue your most creative and innovative ideas.

Alter Your Perspective

Another unique way that motivational videos can help you is that it can change your perspective and general feelings your life. Sometimes, all you need to answer your perspective is a fresh outlook, and motivational media can help to provide that. Sometimes, viewing motivational media at the right time can lift you out of procrastination and depression within minutes. By watching a motivational video in the morning, you can unlock a positive energy flow that stays in motion throughout the day.

Studies also indicate that a change in perspective can even affect your body's performance. The Journal of Sports Science & Medicine reports than watching motivational videos can immediately improve a person's physical performance during exercise. Athletes also use motivational videos to visualize favorable outcomes.

Easy to Make a Commitment

Although some people may recommend a dose of multiple motivational videos every day, it is far easier to commit to one a day. Viewing one video every day after getting up in the morning and setting your advanced alarm panel is a realistic goal that can provide astounding results over time. Once you commit to watching a single video a day, it will make it easier to make a habit out of it. When you make it a habit to observe encouraging media, you are more likely to build other positive habits that are beneficial for your life.

Sparks You to Action

Sometimes, seeing another person achieve a goal that is similar to yours can spark you to take action. With motivational videos, you can learn from people that you admire so that you go after what matters to you. In addition, watching a total stranger overcome challenges that are worse than yours to reach success can compel you to take action. LifeHack suggests that great motivational videos seen at the right time can raise you out of a slump so that you get going again. The more potent the video, the more likely you are to do something every day to reach your goals.

Reminds You of Time

Inspirational videos help to remind you that the clock is ticking in your life. The average person lives for less than 30,000 days, and time can pass very quickly. This kind of media can help you realize that the time is now to go after what you want. Most people will be inspired for a short time after watching a motivational video, but some of the best ones help you to realize that time is a sizzling hot commodity that each person is given a limited amount of.

There is no need to overload on watching motivational videos when a single one can make all of the difference. Watching a motivational video every day can lead to incredible growth and inspired action on your behalf if you take the content to heart. Don't wait till Hollywood creates the next motivational movie to elevate your consciousness and get ahead. Give yourself an edge by fueling your drive with one motivational video per day.

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