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Top Tips on How to Stay Motivated
in Order to Reach Your Goals

By Kori Anderson

We all have goals and aspirations in life, it’s just that they’re all different from one another’s. Some people’s goals are big, and they’ll have to take themselves on a long journey of hard work in order to achieve them. Others have smaller goals, that take less time to reach and are maybe even day to day things, but if they’re your goals, then they’re equally important. There are long term goals, and there are short term goals, but sometimes staying motivated can be really tough. If you know your mind and what your aspirations are but you’re struggling to keep your motivation levels up, these top tips will help you to remain motivated, even when those goals seem oh so far away.

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Keep the Goal in Mind

Life is full of distractions. Because of that, it can be difficult to keep sight of what your goal actually is, and why it is you’re working towards it. Of course, goals can change through the course of your life because of the different paths you’re led down, but ultimately if you’re working towards something, keeping the goal in mind at all times is one of the most important things to do.

Another way of keeping the end goal in mind at all times without it seeming overwhelming, is to figure out what smaller goals you need to achieve in order to reach the all encompassing one at the end. Say for example the end goal was to upsize your home, and move to a different location. How could you start to make that happen? Well one of the first logical steps would be putting the house that you currently live in on the market. Likely, you’d do your research then find out about a possible free house valuation and home report in order to get the ball rolling. Even these smaller steps should be thought of as goals – because you’re one step closer to reaching your final aim. When things get touch remember the end result – whether it be a bigger home or a fitter body. Remember why you started.

Stay Excited, and Inspire Yourself

Try to remember that the reason you have these aims in the first place is because they’ll improve your life in some way, and they’re exciting! There is nothing more satisfying than sitting back after achieving something and knowing that you put all the work in to get yourself in that position, so what don’t you have to be excited about? Keep yourself looking forward at all times.

Furthermore, look for relevant inspiration. Say that your goals are fitness orientated. Why not look online at some of the best fitness bloggers and accounts, or subscribe to a weekly magazine that gives the best fitness tips and advice there is to offer. Often, we look to other people who have achieved goals similar to our own for inspiration, and this can be a great way to keep yourself inspired and motivated even when things get tough. One thing to be mindful of if you’re doing this, however, is comparing yourself to the said people. Remember that you are on your own unique journey, that is in no way comparable to anybody else’s. Just because someone else seems to have gotten there quicker than you have in no way means that you’re not going quickly enough. We’re all different people, with different lives, minds and experiences – and it’s so important to remember that!

Make Friends with Similar Goals and Interests

A long journey on your own can sometimes feel like a lonely one. However if you make some friends that have the same goals and aspirations as you, then you could all work together to help one another and share your experiences. Remember that a problem shared, is a problem halved and if things have gotten tough along the way for you, it probably has for them too. Having people to share in those emotions and experiences with you can be priceless.

Remember to Take a Break

Last but certainly not least, don’t burn yourself out in order to achieve your said goals. Remember that every moment is part of the journey, and you should try and enjoy it as it comes. Even the most successful and goal-orientated people take a break sometimes, as it allows you to recharge your batteries and come back fresh and more motivated. Don’t be so hard on yourself – as long as you’re taking baby steps towards the end product, you’re doing great!

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