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9 Ways to Motivate Yourself
& Complete Everything on Time

In winter, we often want to hide under a blanket where we can't be bothered by tasks and deadlines. The bad news is that sooner or later you have to take on tasks. The good news is that doing them can be turned into an interesting game or ritual. Let's see what tricks can help you get things moving.

Come up With a Ritual

Small, repetitive activities help build associative links between ritual and productivity. It should work like a reflex: you do a certain action - drink coffee, clean your desk, make a to-do list - to set yourself up for productivity.

Set a Reward

Some activities we put off because we don't see the practical benefits. Promise yourself a small reward if you meet the deadline. In this case, it's possible to eat a favorite snack, watch an episode of a loved TV show, play on Tonybet, or sleep for 20 minutes.

Make a To-do List

Every minute spent planning saves 10 minutes of labor. Divide big things into very small ones (e.g., meet a delivery person, drink a glass of water, answer a text message).

Apply the Five-second Rule

Motivational author Mel Robbins suggests applying the five second rule: if you're very lazy to do something, take a breath, exhale and mentally count from five to one, like launching a rocket. At the count of zero, just get up and get to work.

This rule helps those who take too long to think through the consequences of actions. It's impossible to think through all the options in five seconds, you just get up and do it. It's important to count backwards: you can count indefinitely in forward order, but you can only count backwards to zero.

Take Just One Step

In general, any, even the tiniest, even the most insignificant step is already better than nothing. If you have a term paper to write, start by simply creating a folder for it on your desktop. Yes, it's just a click of the mouse, but it's already better than no action at all.

Eat a "Frog"

"Frogs" are unpleasant but important things to do first. As success psychology expert Brian Tracy explains, we tend to start by doing simple things - like getting a manicure or reading a book. They bring pleasure and a sense of having a good day, but they don't develop us. "Froggy," however nasty, is swallowed quickly - which means space is freed up for new things to do.

Play the Part

If you can't do the whole huge to-do list for the day, then delegate responsibility to your favorite character from the shows or books. Imagine you switched bodies with him or her for the day - how would he or she behave in that situation? Would he or she bravely take on the task like Superman? Or boldly delegated them to another person, like Cheryl Blossom? Or approached the process creatively, like Phoebe Buffet? If you're not the one taking the job, there's nothing to lose - so go for it!

Don't Do Anything

Try sitting up straight, putting your hands on your knees, and doing nothing for at least 5 minutes. About halfway through, you'll suddenly want to do something to calm your restless mind. When the right number of minutes have passed, you'll want to do something, just not to sit still.

Turn on the Music

Create a playlist with songs you love. It's better to add some tracks with no words. Otherwise, they will distract you and you will want to dance and sing instead of working.

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