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Need Advice? Here Are Some Resources to Use

By Mikkie Mills

Others always seem to want to give you advice, but getting accurate, sound advice that actually helps you can be more challenging than ever. Good advice informs you about your options and allows you to make good decisions in all aspects of your life, and the ability to effectively seek out that advice is a key skill to possess. If you are in need of advice on any subject, here are some helpful resources you can use.

Family Members

Family members are often the first people anyone turns to for advice. They often know you and your situation better than anyone else and almost always have your best interests in mind. With family members, however, you have to look out for bias. Your family loves you and may not always give the most realistic, helpful advice. If you are concerned that your family doesn't tell it to you straight, seek other sources of advice or only ask family members you believe will be wholly upfront and honest with you.


Trusted friends are also a good resource when you need advice and help. The best friends will tell you what you need to hear, even if that truth is a little uncomfortable. You should seek advice from different friends to weigh their responses. For example, if multiple friends say the same thing, then that piece of advice is likely to be solid. Try and ask friends who have experience or knowledge on the subject for which you need advice. They are more likely to give you informed advice than a friend who has never been in a particular situation or knows little on a particular topic.

Industry Professionals

Industry professionals are some of the best sources of good advice there are. They can be your co-workers, your bosses or other professional contacts. You can find industry professionals at in-person events and online. Even if you are not able to speak with a leader in the field personally, many have published books or online content you can consult. Even if you are an expert in your field, you will still benefit from hearing different points of view on a subject that perhaps you might not have thought of before. The materials or methods of industry professionals such as James Philip can offer you good guidelines to follow as well.

A Mentor Figure

Obtaining a mentor is always a desirable option no matter what industry in which you work. It can be difficult to get one, and you should never pursue a stranger as your mentor, but there are solid ways to find someone who will work with you. The entire purpose of a mentor is to give you sound, personalized advice when you need it and teach you in the ways of your profession. Because a good mentor figure will have plenty of experience and be knowledgeable about your industry as well as possibly a number of other subjects, they can give you authoritative advice on plenty of matters.

The Internet

The Internet is one of the best resources to use when you need advice on just about anything because of the sheer breadth of information it has to offer. You can find information on just about any subject imaginable, as well as hundreds of advice columns and blog posts weighing the pros and cons of any decision. What should I do with my life? for example. Like many other sources of advice, you need to be careful while using the Internet. Only use sources with high authority, such as industry publications, blogs run by industry professionals and respected news sources.

Remember, it is always best to get advice on an issue from a number of sources so you have several options to choose from. It will then be up to you to evaluate each of your options and decide what you should do. You can perform research to help you decide. With these resources, useful, quality advice is yours to be had.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.
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