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3 Mid-Year Resolutions That Will
Change Your Life

By Mikkie Mills

As 2018 picks up steam, many people use the first days of the new year to reflect on the year that has passed. This self-reflection often leads to feelings of regret over time wasted and opportunities lost. Regret is a highly motivational emotion which sparks a multitude of resolutions to be set for the new year that have the potential to improve your quality of life and imbue a sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, many resolutions made for the new year often go unrealized because they're either unrealistic or mismanaged. But soon enough January passes, and resolutions have gone. That does not mean that you can’t accomplish your goals! Restarting your goal at anytime can be done. And here are some good ones to consider...

Adopt A healthier Diet

The most common resolution made at the beginning of a new year is to lose weight, but this is also the one resolution that is less likely to be achieved. Instead of focusing on the aspect of weight loss, try making a resolution to simply eat healthier foods. While losing weight is a very important factor in improving your longevity, it is as equally important to maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise and a healthy diet.

This healthy diet doesn't have to be immediately or suddenly implemented. A sudden change in your diet will make a long-term conversion to the change less likely to occur. The best way to make healthy changes in your diet is to change one or two things every couple of weeks. The diet changes can be small, but, repeated over time, will have a dramatic impact on your health.

Personal Growth Through Travel

You'd be surprised how much richer your life will feel once you begin to travel more. Traveling provides benefits far beyond those you enjoy once you reach your destination. Venturing out to new lands and meeting new people can play an integral part in opening your mind and expanding your worldview. You can become a more accepting, knowledgeable human being once you dare to allow people from different backgrounds and cultures into your life.

Along with all of these immediate benefits, traveling more also shows you the quality of life that other people live. This experience can either make you appreciate the comforts and conveniences you currently enjoy in your own home or it can make you realize that your current home situation could use some improvements. Whether it's your mental health or your emotional health, traveling more can change your life drastically.

Improve Your Confidence

It is amazing how many incredible things you can accomplish with a blend of cleverness, bravery, and confidence. While bravery and cleverness can be easily acquired and strengthened over time, confidence is a tad bit more elusive. Confidence can be built by accomplishing things you never thought you could, but if you're taking your first big step towards building your confidence by attempting something for the first time that seems impossible, try giving yourself a makeover to build your foundation.

It may sound rudimentary but the amount of confidence you will create from showing off a fresh face and a professional outfit can really propel you to the next level of your confidence goals. You can achieve a fresher, brighter face by utilizing skin care tips and products from reputable beauty product websites. Before you commit to a regimen of beauty products and skin care treatments, be sure to do proper research on the products and treatments. Take some time to read over pages that have reviews of high-quality products and treatments, such as Total Beauty or Nu Skin reviews, that were written by consumers to ensure that the products will perform as advertised and provide satisfactory beauty performance.

Regardless of the resolutions you choose to set for yourself this year, you should always strive to start with a clean slate. Make some new goals, a plan to achieve them, and start again right now! Refrain from bringing doubts, regrets, and failures from the previous months into it. Your heart will be lighter and your future will be brighter without the excess baggage on your mind and soul.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.

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