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5 Life Hacks for Productivity

Life Hacks for Productivity

Defining your goal, planning it is all, of course, good. But how not slow down on the way to achieving it? How easy, but at the same time, to come to the performance of your dreams? Today I want to offer you 5 productivity life hacks that did not help me during the stagnation, and the implementation of which has already become a habit for me.

Want to share with you some life hacks that help me a lot with productivity.

Don’t waste your time in transport

I know, it sounds trivial, everyone has heard a thousand times that time on the road should be spent usefully. But in such cases it is usually advised to read a book. I do not like this option - the road to work takes about 20 minutes, so you have to interrupt all the time, you do not have time to immerse yourself in a book, and all that.

So I prefer to read different articles. They are short, but informative at the same time. Plus, you can read in French (or whatever language you're learning) - and practice, improve your skills. Double Impact!

And if you drive yourself - you can listen to podcasts instead of music on the radio. There are a lot of them, and most of them are educational. They tell you about philosophers, movies, medicine, and business. Again, podcasts aren't as long as audiobooks.

Start with small

If you've set yourself a huge goal, getting yourself to start on the path to accomplishing it is very difficult. It seems that our efforts are disproportionate to the desired result. In such cases, it is important to remember that "Earth was not built at once," and that to build a great house is important every little brick.

Take that brick every day, start doing at least something. And when you start to succeed, when things are going well - you'll already be motivated, you'll be burning with the desire to keep going - it's time to increase the load!

Surround yourself with successful people

I know, not everyone has that opportunity. Maybe you live in a remote lonely village and everyone around you is either drinking or already babysitting great-grandchildren. It's hard to find someone in such an environment who can motivate you by example.

But fortunately, we live in the era of the Internet (and now it's probably available in any remote place) - so take advantage of the opportunities it gives us!

You can search articles about successful people - there are a lot of amazing websites, anyone can blog about their actions along the way. All these stories are just incredibly motivating, and you feel like you're part of a huge community of people. After all, many people often have the same goals, at least you can find friends, business partners, anyone you want, and they're all already motivated to get you there.

Entrust someone with some of your responsibilities

Of course, I'm not encouraging you to exploit your friends and family. But if there is a task that is difficult for you to do - for example, you need to make a cool PowerPoint presentation, and you do not know much about it, but you have a friend who knows a lot about it - why not ask them for help? Or if you need to write an academic essay and don't have enough time you can just order essay from a professional writer. It saves your time and makes your life much easier. In fact, you may get paper that would be much creative and professional, that you can even imagine.

Every time we encounter a difficult problem, we try to solve it on our own. But perhaps it would have taken us half as long to solve that very problem if we had just asked someone we knew for help.

Your brain can't know everything in the world, you can't have every possible skill at once - there are bound to be people who are better at something than you - so why not take that chance?

Make time for yourself

If you don't rest, your work will be of little use. Each person needs to stop at some point, to understand himself. After all, adjusting the work plan is also very important. When our brain is not focused on something, in particular, we are more protected towards creativity. And being creative is always a huge plus.

I am sure they will not only make you more productive but also motivate, energize you for new achievements.

About the author:

I am Heather K. Clark, freelance writer and PR manager in education services with 10 years experience.

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