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Shining a Light on Shadow Beliefs

By Melody Larson

So you've taken the first step in changing your life: you have figured out what you want and are flying along excitedly, when WHAM! You hit a wall of negativity and land on your behind. It's the most natural reaction in the world when you begin to create change to find yourself being flooded with feelings and thoughts of doubt or fear. For if you had no doubt or fear regarding your desires, you'd already have your desires in your life!

People may tell you to "just think positive!" but of course it isn't always that simple. Creating a want list can expose what are called your shadow beliefs. They are the subconscious thoughts and feelings you have about who you are as a person. By beginning to move towards what you want, you draw them out into the light.

Simply denying the existence of our shadow beliefs doesn't make them go away, any more than pretending there are no weeds in a garden makes them miraculously disappear. You have to recognize the weeds, pull the buggers out, and move on with growing all your flowers.

So what do you do? How do you pull out the weed thoughts and beliefs? Well, here's what I know about shadow beliefs. Every shadow belief can eventually be drilled down to one emotion: fear. That emotion shows up in 3 common ways:

  1. We do not believe that we are capable of coping with life.
  2. We do not believe that we are worthy of a healthy, happy life.
  3. We are untrusting of ourselves, so we blame others or circumstances and become a victim.
Do any of those 3 strike a chord with you? If so, then you have to change those core beliefs. The way we create out lives is often described as what you think about, you bring about. But really, it is what you believe you can be/have/do, you bring about. It isn't as simple as saying, "I now choose to think that I deserve all I desire." You have to actually believe that! So you must first change your consciousness about who you really are. A change in consciousness requires some faith. There's no other way.

Faith for me is being able to say yes to these questions: Do you believe that the universe is only good? Do you believe that it is totally devoted to giving you everything you ask for? Do you believe that you are a child of this universe, and that just by existing you are worthy, and capable, of having only good? And if you cannot believe that, are you willing to accept that there is an eternal you who is worthy and capable?

Changing your consciousness is a cycle, and you must move through all 4 steps:

  1. Change your thoughts
  2. Change your beliefs
  3. Expect something different
  4. Receive something different
First, start with your thoughts. Start by saying, "I am healthy and whole. I am a child of this universe. I deserve happiness. I am fully capable of making right choices. I am not alone." Word this in a way that feels right for you. Does it feel like a lie? It probably will for a while. A voice pops up that says, "No you're not. You're a big loser!" or something similar. That is the voice of your ego. And what is really underneath that voice is fear. Every time that voice appears, listen to it lovingly and with wiser knowing, like you would to a child, and repeat your affirmations again.

Eventually, you will begin to believe that what you are saying is true. You'll know you've changed your belief when you starting behaving differently, when the actions you take are not the same ones you took in the past. This is your proof that you have conquered a shadow belief.

When you reach that point, you are ready to begin creating the life you desire with success. You are ready to expect a new life for yourself, fully believing that you are worthy and capable of handling it. Begin by envisioning what you want and asking for it, feeling no doubt that the universe will bring it to you, and expressing appreciation both for what is coming and for what you already have in your life.

You then complete the cycle by receiving those things that you asked for and living your life intentionally and consciously.

Like Einstein said, "You can't solve a problem with the same level of thought that created it." You must put all of your efforts into changing your consciousness. It'll take time, and it'll take patience, and it'll take a loving attitude. But you will get there. A life of joyful fulfillment is well worth the journey!

This article was adapted from Melody's latest book, Delighting the Soul: Lessons on Life Purpose, Authenticity, and the Law of Attraction. Melody Larson is an inspiring author, teacher, presenter and Soul Purpose Guide whose mission is to awaken people to the spiritual potential that lies within them. She is also the author of the highly popular The Beginner's Guide to Abundance. Melody also teaches affordable online webinars, with her husband Thomas, that help others live in the Now by applying the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, and others.

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