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The Power of Focus

By Donna Krech

How does FOCUS help people end up where they want to end up? Focus is so important in your day-by-day activities: you've got to lay them out step by step by step. If you accomplish this task, it will help you accomplish today's goal, and today's goal will help you accomplish this week's goal.

As you're going through the day, how do you stay focused on what you want to get accomplished? We've come up with a magic question you can ask yourself to help stay focused. It's a very simple question, but it's also extremely powerful. As you go through your day, ask yourself this one question: "Am I getting the results I expect?" It's just that simple.

That question requires you to focus in on your current activities, and your results at this moment in time, because at every moment you are performing, you're "on the grid," as we refer to it. That means regardless if you're sitting still, if you're thinking, if you're taking some kind of action, if you're listening, if you're talking, you're always in action, and that action is always producing either a positive result or a negative result.

If you want to stay focused on your goals, simply ask yourself, "Am I getting the results I expect right now?" If you ask yourself that, it will bring you back to attention on what you want to produce. Then you can either continue your actions, or you can stop and make a smarter choice about what you're doing at that moment in time, so you can more efficiently produce the result you're hoping to achieve. Maybe that means having a family conversation around the dinner table, making sure that everybody gets to participate, because that's your goal for a dinner conversation.

Am I getting the results I want or the results I expect? If I am, I need to continue to focus on that activity, those thoughts, those actions, and those words to produce more of that desired result. If I'm not, I need to ask myself, "What could I do differently so I can get the results I want?" That can shift your focus to looking at what you want, versus accepting what you don't want.

Ask yourself, "What can I do differently to improve my performance and the results I'm getting, so they're more aligned with what I was expecting or wanting to produce by the end of the day?" It is a matter of focusing in.

First is observation and awareness, and then comes taking on the responsibility of shifting your thoughts such that you can take a different action, which can point you in a better direction. Shifting thoughts is another way to stay focused. It's returning your focus to the positive. It is a matter of saying, "What's the positive outcome I want? Am I getting it right now? Yes or no?" If not, then make an adjustment.

A reader's Question: I've set so many goals and made so many resolutions only to fail. I've already bought all sorts of programs, what makes this one different?

Donna's answer: Many of us have set goals only to find ourselves setting the same ones again later, and feeling frustrated about doing so and doubtful as to whether they'll take place this time. This program reveals in a very straightforwrd fashion WHY all those others have failed. There are seven reasons... always only seven things... that steal our motivation. When you defeat the reason that has come against you the most, your goals will be achieved.

A reader's Question: How much time is involved in following your Never Ending Motivation program?

Donna's answer: One thing that keeps goal attainment from taking place is being too busy. We've designed the program with this in mind. The five one-hour, information-packed audios are all broken into tracks so you can listen for only a few minutes at a time and return to the one that's helped you most whenever you want to. The formulas themselves take nearly no time at all. Seriously, a few examples include:

  • A one-minute exercise for finding how and when motivation starts to dwindle
  • Strategic decision-making processes that empower you to defeat negative habits, and only take three minutes maximum
  • A four-piece, two-minute plan to identify and eliminate emotional reactions that freeze motivation
  • 10 instant energy-boosting secrets

A reader's Question: No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to be successful the way I long to be. Why will this help me when nothing else has?

Donna's answer: We know where you're coming from. Never Ending Motivation helps you clearly identify WHY you haven't seen the success you can achieve. We're not here to preach motivation. We're here to show what's stolen it and kept you from your goals. Imagine the success you will have when:

You're no longer distracted by busyness, stress, worry, fear or deadlines. Without distractions you'll hit your goals in record time and blow the lid right off your success!

  • Self-doubt is gone!
  • The weight of self-defeating habits no longer holds you down! Your habits are those which produce abundant results.
  • You learn quicker and absorb more.
  • Your relationships blossom!
  • You're full of energy.
  • You now have more time to do what you WANT to do!

Yes, there are tons of programs on the market about setting goals. But none of them address the issue of how to KEEP your resolutions, goals, and promises, or why you haven't in the past - until now... Never Ending Motivation was developed with overcoming what steals our motivation in mind.

If you've ever struggled to maintain your motivation and see your goals through, you'll want to know this: there is a way to maintain your motivation forever... It's called Never Ending Motivation and it works!
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