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How to Kickstart a Life of Personal Growth

In today's world, the idea of personal growth often gets short shrift alongside the other types of growth you're supposed to be engaging in, from growing your wealth to growing your career. Unfortunately, these external markers of success often serve to simply put a bandage over deficiencies in personal growth. For many people, it is only when they reach a crisis point that they realize they have been neglecting this important part of themselves. However, this is not inevitable, and the suggestions below may help you ensure that you are prioritizing your personal growth.


It might seem strange to imagine that something as simple as writing a page or two daily could seriously aid in your personal growth, but some people find this exercise invaluable. Keep in mind that this isn't a literary exercise; you don't have to be a good writer to benefit from journaling. In fact, you don't even have to keep the pages that you write. But a daily practice of writing a certain amount each day can have a therapeutic effect, helping you release things that are bothering you and offering unexpected insights. The best approach is to set a timer or determine a set number of pages and write without stopping until you are done. You can experiment to find out when the best time of day is for you to do this work. Some people find it helpful to release this energy before they get started with their day while others find it a useful contemplative exercise at the end of the day.


When some people think of meditation, they imagine someone sitting still and alone in a room, their eyes closed. While this is one form that meditation can take, it can also be an active practice. If you're someone who finds that taking a long walk or bike ride clears your head, you might have already made the discovery that a kind of active meditation works for you. Taking this time out might feel like an impossible luxury, especially if you have a busy life that keeps you occupied with a job and family, but that's all the more reason that it's critical that you set this time aside. There are many apps and other online tools that can help ease you into different types of meditation.

Unconventional Approaches

Going back to ancient times, people have used mind-altering substances to enhance their personal and spiritual growth. For example, ayahuasca retreats help individuals on their spiritual journey to a better life. Many states have now legalized marijuana, and you can get a weed subscription box that sends you monthly accessories or even products containing THC. These subscriptions are priced for every kind of budget. On the other hand, suppose you'd try to induce a spiritual or mystical state without using substances. In that case, you might still want to consider different unconventional approaches, from spas offering sensory deprivation tanks to companies that will design modern-day vision quests for you and more. You can even create your private rituals. The key is figuring out what will be meaningful for you.

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