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Seeing Possibilities in Uncertain Times

By George Kengott

This is not the first time that the world experiences a great ebb. World wars had devastated nations, natural catastrophes had swept regions, great crises had sent millions jobless, but humanity moved forward to new heights producing the greatest, successful and exceptional men and women of all time. While it is true that they were only few, it nevertheless proves that it is possible to thrive in times when many others are occupied in thinking of the setbacks of the uncertain times.

What does it take for successful men and women to overcome challenges? Well, they don't really have anything that we don't have; they only have beliefs that the majority refuse to believe. When others are grieving of losing their job, these few good men and women are simply watching the event passing by without attachment. They are watching from a distance because they have taken a step backward. Stepping backward means retreating to see things from a larger view, learn the lessons from the experience, breathe normally and enjoy what is there at the present moment. They fill the present moment with joy while they are in the process of emptying. The joy of the present moment may be the more quality time spent with the family, or the simple walk along the beach with the partner, or the appreciation of the sunset that hasn't been noticed lately. They simply CHOOSE to shift their attention to beautiful things of the present moment rather than the thought of being jobless for an indefinite length of time.

George Kengott More importantly, they watch the passing event without any emotion. While others are grieving and cursing, these few good men and women are SILENT. What they only see is the end of something that is impermanent, something that has been created and later to be destroyed to give way to the creation of something better than has gone before. They have learned from past experiences that putting emotion, such as anger and blame to the passing event, only recharges the event, thereby giving it more life and power to rule. This is exactly what is happening today. Because the majority is angry and complaining and talking about the economic r (only called r so as not to give it more energy and power), more r-related events are coming their way. What else would a negative thought bring but a negative thing? What else would bring death to a negative thought but a stop to thinking the thought? Neglect makes all things die naturally.

Life Has Seasons
Nature best portrays the meaning of season. There is a time to sow and a time to reap; as the sun rises, it also sets; after the period of rest comes a period of activity; after the cool winter nights comes the warmth of summer. Whatever season it is, everything in nature adapts; otherwise, they perish. It is the law and the law is implemented even if one complains of ignorance.

The current period suggests to slow down or take a rest. Don't worry about what to eat or what to spend in the next days or months as you will be provided. To worry would only reinforce lack and therefore would only manifest lack in many aspects - food, money, job, opportunities, and a lot more. You may not have the luxury of hopping on a plane to visit the relatives in Florida, but emails or calls full of gratitude and love can take away their longing and assure them that everything is fine with you and your family. You may have been developing that belly fat for overstaying in the office, and this may be the time to get rid of that through walking or jogging. Your camping gear might be harvesting too much dust in the garage, and this may be the time to pack everything and hike. You may have been achingly paying too much for a large house, and this may be the time to move out to a smaller house and still get the same comfort.

Step back and the water becomes clear. Past priorities are summoned and given a second look. The second look from a clear mind comes out with a better judgment and decision becomes easy. Before, if letting go of the big house was difficult; now, letting go becomes a conquered freedom. If mountain climbing or running a half marathon had become a dream after having that demanding job; now, it becomes a dream come true. As more people now have the time to pay attention to the physical body, the passage of this period will significantly reduce extra pounds.

When the clutter has been removed, the water flows freely. A feeling of emptiness may be felt but rushing water fills this emptiness quickly. Nature abhors a vacuum. Opportunities come rushing in - you would wonder where they have been hiding all this time. As opportunities come in, the mind is in perfect state again to create new things. The body is in perfect condition again to perform the process of creation. The spirit is high to achieve whatever goal the mind and body has set. Everything is back in harmony.

The process of recovery becomes brief for a person who does not resist, and long for a person who clings to the old form. The economy is uncertain but the forms and thoughts associated with it can be certain. Only the lessons must remain. Everyone is invited to create a new form and only those who are willing to embrace the change will quickly rise from the rubble.

There Is No Better Time Than Now
If you want to consider this period as tough times, expect more of the events associated with tough times. On the other hand, if you want to consider this period as a passage, expect it to pass and it will pass unnoticed.

There is no better time than NOW. If the economy has affected you and you lost your job, there is no better time to think and reflect but NOW. Try thinking of yourself as a great salesperson, no matter what your profession is. You will sell yourself in your job interview. Who can tell people about your gifts better than you? You are constantly selling yourself in your current position to keep your job and perhaps even get that promotion.

Everything in life is not permanent. Jobs, relationships, wealth and everything don't last. When it is there, enjoy it. When it is gone, it is gone. What is left is the present moment and the present moment carries more than what the eyes are used to see. Look beyond and the clear mind and good heart will see possibilities. Most of the time, it is always in front of you, yes, right there in front of you.

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