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What is success –
Truly fulfilling, overall success?

By Kris Huwald

When talking about success many people link that word to being in possession of a lot of money. Success equals the abundance of money in many people's superficial opinion. However, life does not only consist of one area, wealth. To my mind there are 5 areas of life which are: Health, Relationships, Spirituality/Emotions, Finances and your Job.

Every single one of these areas has an equal proportion of your overall happiness/success. What does that mean?

It means that you need to balance all the 5 aspects of life in order to reach real success –  success that will lead you to happiness and abundance everywhere you go.

I tell you a little story about myself...

For a very long period of time I was having super high expectations for myself and what I should be doing in order to be as successful as my idols were.

Consistently, I was having self doubt about myself because I didn’t know if I can really make it to where I want to be. My goal setting was ridiculous. The Goals I set for myself were unreachable in the amount of time I set them for.

Why did I set my Goals so high?

Because the people I admired were all preaching about setting unrealistic goals and working like hell until you reach them.

Anyways…I was hardly ever able to reach my daily goals and so I was being stressed out. Never present. Unhappy. Unfulfilled.

What happened that lead me to a great new mindset that allowed me to be successful immediately?

When I defined success in another, more appropriate way than before, I started believing in myself more than ever before, started being more happy than ever before and started to build better relationships than ever before.

What was the new definition of success?

Personal success is the ability to truly, 100% accept yourself for who and where you are at the present moment, yet knowing where you want to be and who you want to become one day.

Also, the realization that success is NOT reaching a certain destination but much rather the journey of becoming who you want to become in order to reach that goal. Becoming successful is s skill that needs time to evolve. It's nothing that suddenly appears in the greatest of all forms. There was never anyone born as a master of something.

As life is never in the future nor in the past there is only the now in which we are living and perceiving everything. Therefore you have to acknowledge yourself for the progress you have already made and the steps you have already taken into the right direction.

Give yourself permission to progress in having success

In case you do not really understand what I want to tell you by that, think about these questions:

1) Do you think you are able to reach your goals faster when you are in a mental state of fear, uncertainty and stress (setting unrealistic / unattainable expectations for yourself)?


2) Do you think you are able to reach your goals faster when you are calm, happy and in the flow (truly accepting yourself for who you are at the present moment; setting just a few reachable goals each and every day of which the accomplishment empowers you to raise your standards on a daily basis)?

Answering this question should be easy.

Remember: You will become the person you want to become one day if you take the right and consistent action every single day.

In order to be successful right now, realign yourself with who you are and give yourself permission to enjoy the process of having success. Love yourself for the person you have already become and life will flourish.

My life and my point of view has changed completely since i was able to mastermind with other leaders who have already gone through all the problems I was facing. These days I am able to help other people become who they want to become.

I started my journey of success and self actualization when I wanted to become an entrepreneur. It's been the most exciting time of my life so far and I would like to give you the opportunity to meet the leaders that helped me to become successful in every area of life.

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