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When You Think It's Over:
7 Steps to Start a New Life

Start a New Life

By Veronica Hunt

Whatever it was – destructive relationships or the life of disappointment and self-doubt – you've had enough of it. You realize there is no way of living happily ever after with such baggage. You have to start fresh, and the sooner the better. But how? Is there a way to get a psychological rebirth? Is it possible to leave behind all the history and face your future as if nothing spoils it from the past? There is, in fact, a chance that you will succeed and achieve the well-desired tabula rasa state, but of course, it will take time and plenty of effort. Here are a few things you can do to make the transition easier.

Embrace the fact that everything will change
All your former habits, acquaintances and routines – it can all disappear like a puff of smoke. How do you feel about it? Are you ready for such drastic changes? Take time to realize and accept that a new life means a new you. And if you are not feeling quite up to it – then maybe it is not quite the right time. If such changes catch you off-guard, it can easily lead to the opposite effect – clinging to the past.

Define the scope of change
Only you can tell how far you'd like to go. Changing the lifestyle? The job? The circle of friends? It will depend greatly on what you are trying to run from. An abusive relationship will most likely require you to change the people you are hanging out with, while obesity and health problems call for a different and much healthier lifestyle.

Get clear on your motivation
What will you get if you invest your time and energy into going another road? What are the clear outcomes? You'd be surprised to know how many people don't quite understand why they want to start fresh. And whatever the opinions might be, without motivation, there is no inspiration. Now to the actual ways you can change your life for the better. Note that we are not talking about becoming a person with a new appearance and identity – this is what criminals and government-protected witnesses do. This article is about ways a regular person can achieve significant changes that can be equated to starting a new life.

  1. Change the job
    Over a half of all stress factors are produced by your work environment. There are rude bosses, lazy colleagues, false harassment claims, tiring commuting, and the nine to five schedule, damn be those who invented it. Don't let money guide you in your choice. Research proves that genuinely happy people are those who like what they are doing rather than those who make lots of money.
  2. Start eating healthy and preferably join the gym
    Regular physical exercise and healthy eating are not only good for weight management, they also help to deal with stress, find energy, and improve productivity. Many famous people and world leaders start their day on a treadmill, which only proves the effectiveness of the healthy lifestyle.
  3. Quit smoking or other habits that are obviously bad for you
    No, it is not only about being healthy. It is about changing something major in your life that will inevitably lead to a better physical and psychological state. Smoking is not just a bad habit – it is a good part of time and money spent in vain, as well as a certain circle of people you spend time with over a cigarette. Alcohol is not just a bad habit – it is also feeling bad about your choices the morning after and wasting time on recovering.
  4. Find a passion
    Easier said than done, but finding a hobby that will make you forget about the passage of time is well worth the effort. It doesn't have to be something major – just a thing that will make you a tiny bit happier and more interested in life.
  5. Change the circle of people you are communicating with
    Keep old friends, but don't be too hesitant to clean out those who bug you. Strong relationships help, but only if they are genuine and sincere. Find new people by joining clubs, going to events, or even using the power of the Internet. It doesn't really matter where you'll find your next BFF as long as this particular relationship is good for you.
  6. Change the style
    Your clothes, your accessories and your makeup define you as a person. The best way to start fresh is to rethink your wardrobe. Cosmo articles will tell you to throw away everything and buy new items – as if people writing them could afford it. Nobody is capable of such a major change, and not only because of the cost but also because it requires a huge investment of time and energy. Instead of getting everything new, see what you can do with what you already have to get a completely new look.
  7. Last but not least – start a project of your own
    We call lots of things projects – finding a boyfriend, getting a driver's license or starting a business. Find something you will want to work on in your free time. The sense of purpose helps a lot in fighting depression and apathy, especially if you succeed in what you started. These are just a few ways of starting fresh, but they can easily turn your life upside down, positively. Give it a try!
Veronica Hunt is an edtech expert and experienced blogger from Delaware City, DE. As a blogger, Veronica sees her purpose in providing her readers with up-to-date info in the spheres of self-improvement, entrepreneurship and psychology. Currently, works for StudentShare as a content writer. Apart from work, Veronica adores travelling and yoga.
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