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How to Make More Money!

By Philip Humbert

Recently, I've focused on living a RICH life, beyond the quest for mere wealth. I'm convinced that living well, what I like to call a World Class Life, is the most important skill we can develop.

Folks have described the 21st Century as the Age of Anxiety. This week I read that Americans are "deeply depressed and anxious" about the economy, the housing market and a host of other things. And as a nation we're divided on all sorts of issues. For too many people, it takes the joy out of life!

What a shame! Life is to be lived well! As I often say, we are the richest, most educated, and most blessed people in all of history! We have access to books and travel, to music and art and entertainment beyond anything the world has ever known! Enjoy it! Have fun! Live a rich and fulfilling life! It's easy and there are no excuses.

But, prosperity and money are important, too. Having some extra money makes travel and hobbies, a nice home and paying for all those "extras" so much easier! So, let's talk about making money.

Let's start with the truth. The economy, as a whole, is not good. But, whether we are in a "recession" or a "slow recovery" doesn't really matter to most families. What matters is whether you have a job and whether you're making money. What matters to most of us is not what the Central Bankers do about the Euro or inflation or the national debt. What matters is paying our bills, saving for the future, and having a bit left over for the things we all love.

What matters is your personal economy. So, how are you doing? And, what are you doing to make things better? The key question is not what your paycheck is this month, but what you're doing to make things better next month, and for the rest of your life.

I have some suggestions.

First, recognize that making money has never been easier. Too often, we become pessimistic from listening to the news. But the fact is, lots of people are making lots of money, and you can, too! Be optimistic and pro-active about this! Take charge of your personal economy. No one is going to hand you a billion dollars. You are not going to win the lottery or stumble into a fortune. You need a plan and you need to take charge.

Second, you need skills. If you aren't making what you'd like, learn to make more! "Doing the same thing, over and over, while hoping for a different outcome" is a traditional definition of insanity! Attend the seminars. Read the books. Take the classes. Up-grade your skills and the money will always follow. That's a promise!

Third, to "make more, serve more." Money comes from solving problems for people. Your employer will gladly pay more if you produce more, do more, or get more and better results for the company. People pay for results! Find a way to give people more of what they want. Make their lives easier or happier. Sell more products or produce better quality products. Do it faster or cheaper or with more flare. The opportunities are endless.

Fourth, leverage yourself! Teach others to do what you do. From software design to parenting skills, to better sex, to car repair, people will pay to learn what you take for granted. (See my comments about Dr Ann's book on healthy eating, above!) Leverage what you know and make the world a better place for everyone. It's the road to wealth!

Fifth, live below your means and invest the difference. Everyone wants to "get rich fast!" But the more common path is the slow but certain road of saving and investing for the future. It worked for the "Greatest Generation" and it will work for you! True, interest rates are low. True, housing is in the dumps, but that's an opportunity if you love real estate and are willing to learn the ropes. Find your "thing" and invest wisely! From stocks to antiques, to art or selling cosmetics, there is a path for you. Find it!

Some credit card company is running ads that say, "Everyone wants more money!" They're humorous because a baby then throws the money back at the announcer, but the truth is, most of us are definitely interested in making more money. But for everyone who is "interested" only a tiny minority study the markets, make it a science, and get rich.

You can have all the money you want if you will find a way to serve more people, solve more problems, and provide more value in the marketplace. The opportunities are endless. Find your path and stick to it! The money is out there waiting for you! Go get your share, and start today!

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