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How to Go From Nothing to Everything

By Philip Humbert

This week I received email from an artist who complained about my advice in TIPS. She wrote that since she has no money, recommendations to attend seminars are unreasonable,that "it takes money to make money." She says that artistsare often unappreciated and under paid. She complained that'she had no contacts and no resources, so my "advice is asham." Unfortunately, she's probably not the only one whofeels that way.

Of course it's easier to turn an idea into reality if you already have tools and resources! Anything's easierwhen you've done it before and have a head-start! That'sobvious and to that degree, she's right.

In the bigger sense, however, her opinions are quite wrong. The truth is that we all come into this world naked and alone. At birth, we have no language, no money, no skillsand no resources. We start with nothing. Fortunately, mostof us don't stay that way.

Here are the steps that, as far as I know, every successful person has used to achieve their goals:

  1. First, every innovation and great fortune begins as a simple thought. Often it begins as just a whiff of thought, a glimmer or an intuition, a simple, "I wonder what would happen if...."
  2. Second, the vast majority of people dismiss these thoughts or ideas. They get distracted and nothing develops. But some people latch on to the idea and never let go!They fertilize and nurture it. They ask questions abouthow to proceed, who else might be interested, or wherethey could get more information.
  3. Third, successful people take action. It might be a tiny action, but they read a book, make a call, jot some notes, explore the internet. They do something to record and expand their idea.
  4. ourth, they find people to help them. Too many people keep their ideas to themselves and their dream dies like a seed without water. Successful people form a team or a MasterMind to ask more and better questions, and together they find answers.
  5. Fifth, they develop a strategy. At first, it doesn't have to be a brilliant or even a very effective strategy,but they find a way to move forward, building on what worksand learning from their failures.
  6. Sixth, they persist and leverage everything "until." They never give up and they never quit.

No one who reads this is powerless or without resources. You can read. You have friends. There are books, and you have the internet. There are coaches and models all around you. There are investors looking for the "next big thing." You may have to start small, and like an airplane going down the run way, there may be a long period of slow-going while you get started, but ultimately, airplanes do take off and soar!

Everything starts with an idea. Thomas Edison started withideas. Bill Gates started with ideas. Oprah Winfrey startedpoor and alone, but she had some ideas. And all of them tookaction. Share your best ideas with a "master mind" group offriends, and ask great questions. Find the answers and takeaction. Everything in life starts as an idea, a glimmer ora dream. The difference is that successful people follow astrategy and persist until their ideas become reality.

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thingto be achieved." ~ William Jennings Bryan

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