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Who Else Wants to End the Feeling
of Losing Control?

Losing Control

By Jeffrey Howard

About 75% of the world’s population experiences the feeling of losing control, once every two weeks. This feeling of losing control easily develops to stress. About 90% of primary medical visits are stress related. 80% of the industrial accidents are due to stress. Are you part of these statistics? Here is the truth about it all...

Lisa is one of the friends whom I dearly respect for her confidence. She’s only nineteen but never fears to take on any task that comes her way. Once she is up to do it she is normally committed to see that everything is done.

One of her outstanding achievements was a while ago, when she was part of her university’s Mr. and Miss. University organizing team. She’s outgoing and loves interacting, and therefore, gladly accepted to organize the live performances. However, she has one problem – despite her confidence, any small obstacle in her operations really stresses her and works her up. She feels like things are going out of control.

She gave it her best: she approached musicians, convinced them to fix into her schedules, and successfully did the stressful negotiations she dreaded. It really worked her up, but she did it. She was just a sigh away from relief.

All was going as planned until a day to the event. The main artist, whose presence was being used to hype the event, cancelled his performance due to “unavoidable circumstances”.

This is what Lisa least expected. She felt like she could die. Why did it have to pick her biggest shot? It felt like failure staring at you and laughing at its success in seeing you fail. What was she going to do about the distributed flyers and posters? This was going to be her biggest walk of shame. She was just LOSING CONTROL, unless something was done.

This feeling of losing control is common amongst us, maybe worse or less bad. At times we go through experiences that make us have the feeling of losing control of things around us, and this threatens our success.

Your power of intent is arranging and rearranging things through the submissive universe, so as to draw what you want closer to you. The operations of the universe seem independent, but the universe only responds to meet what we desire, and always works in response to our beliefs.

Just to finish my frustrated Lisa’s story; she didn’t back off, she was most relieved when the performances were over. A friend introduced an upcoming musician from the students who seemed talented. She crossed her fingers and accepted because she had no option. He couldn’t fit into the hyped ambiance, though he was less costly, and performed greatly.He turned out to be a talented performer and cheered the disappointed crowd and turned out better than expected. Both Lisa and the artist were happy at the end of it all and it was more of a win.

Lisa got a personal apology from the turned down artist early the following week. He invited her for a coffee date and assured a commitment to do a live performance for one of Lisa’s events at half the normal rates.

Your Reality Is Controlled by Your Desire and Your Will Power

Desire is the energy that underlies all the manifestations of your abilities. It is a burning force within you and the creator of the need to have something done. It acts as an inspiration, or the foundation on which all goals are based upon. All our achievements start with a desire. It is normally so powerful that we hardly notice any impossibility.

When it happens to me, I feel as if I have already achieved my goal. I hardly experience the feeling of losing control at this point. I am always certain that I am in control. It develops further into visualizations; and at times, you can find me grinning out of daydreams. Desire excites you. This force is created in the subconscious mind, where “impossible” does not exist.

The will power on the other hand, is a cold, strong and keen controller of the energy to the desire force. It is the guide to what you want to achieve. The willpower judges and considers the rationale of your desires. It can restrain and prevent you from revealing some of your desires. It also has the ability to catalyze your desires into a reality. This is what overcomes the feeling of losing control.

This happens in the reasoning side of your mind, Your Consciousness! It considers everything revolving around the initially formed desire. After this, one decides to go ahead and take action to manifest the desires, or seal it and return to sender.

The will also acts as a protector. It makes the person immune to undesirable thought waves. It repels any thoughts or opinions expressed by others that would discourage you. The undesirable things that occur in the line of our actions are as a result of our own underlying doubts or other people’s doubts. Your will power fights these forces and ensures that you do not go off track to achieve what you desire. In case you are easily discouraged, then your will is being under-utilized. This is what causes the feeling of losing control.

The will power not only protects you from expressed opinions, but also unexpressed thoughts that lie in other people’s minds, which are normally transmitted unconsciously. Yeah! it is that Powerful! it is the very power that keeps you in control.

When these two forces synchronize, guess what is created?…INTENTION. Intention is what is born through the union of desire and will power.

The desire and the will power are forms of energy with two action poles. The desire draws, attracts and leads something towards you. It is an inward force. The will power drives, pushes, urges and impels actions. It is an outward force. The desire aligns, while the will acts. When these two forces coordinate, another child called RESULT is born. The coordination of these is how you ultimately end up being in control of the things around you, and overcome the feeling of losing control.

Each of these forces has their strong and weak points, but together, they are splendid. They are like male and female, opposite, but meant for each other. Together, they keep things under control and are the forces behind all activities and results.

Therefore, nothing happens out of your control. Everything is within the realm of your thinking and beliefs; will power and desire. Above, are most of the “behind the scenes” explanations I could present on the feeling of losing control being an illusion. There are other explanations, but, this one convinced me most. I hope you are as well.

Now that you have known of the illusionary feeling of losing control, can you actually get over this feeling? How can you manifest the control of things around you and not worry about undesired occurrences?

The third part is up already, it exposes a simple but powerful technique that I have used for 3 years now. It has always helped me in being in control and achieving some of the goals I thought impossible. I have also shared it with a few friends and the results have been tremendous.

About Jeffrey Howard:
Over the years I have since worked on many blue chip brands including Nissan, British Telecom, The AA and working at Free Essay Blablawriting as a marketing adviser. I'm super passionate about helping others live life with more freedom and flexibility, and a bit of travel thrown in for good measure.
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