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How to Stay Positive Even When You Don't Feel Good About Yourself

Staying positive about how you look can really help you look better. The psychological impact of being happy can help improve how you look to others and make you more attractive. Here is how to gain from the benefits...

1. Refrain from weighing yourself everyday

One thing that experts always advise against when trying to lose weight is weighing yourself every single day. The results of your weight pretty much dictate your mood for the rest of the day. For example, the moment the weight scale shows little or no difference from yesterday’s results, your day is definitely spoilt. The truth is, your weight can change by around 4-6 pounds, but it says nothing about your present health. Therefore, we would recommend ditching the weight scales all together. But if you really feel you need to monitor your weight regularly, at least do it once a week while wearing the same clothes or without any clothes at all. And always hide your scales to avoid the temptation of weighing yourself. You can even set them up high in the cupboard so you will have to spend lots of effort getting them out.

2. Take good note of compliments

Most people who feel insecure about their body images often shun or dismiss compliments, especially if they don’t concur with how they view themselves. So you feel it's total nonsense, right? Well, you’re wrong! It's time you started paying more attention to compliments. In fact, you need to start writing down each and every single compliment you receive for one week. If you get compliments like “You really look awesome!” or “nice job” or “I appreciate the advice you gave me,” put them down on a paper. At the end of the week, sit down and read them through. You will learn to look at yourself in a more positive way.

3. Find the good things

Learn how to focus your attention on the good things you do, particularly your achievements and situations that you encounter so that the next time you fail to meet your expectations or make a mistake, you won’t go about beating yourself about it. Find some positives even when faced with the toughest situations. For example, “I didn’t get my dream job today. But at least I tried to go for it- I just wasn’t lucky. And at least I got over my interview phobia and next time, I will do better.” Or I had a really nasty argument with my best friend. At least I didn’t punch him in the face for being so unreasonable. I might have gotten a little bit carried away but I was right. But I will apologize to him in the morning anyway.

Then, for one week, jot down at least three things you did well that day before retiring to bed. Write down pretty much anything: Doing something nice to someone or arriving at work earlier than everyone else or checking yourself in the mirror at least twice every day, instead of the usual ten times. At the end of the week, be sure to read through your notes. What you read is what you really are. You see? There are so many good things about you that you need to start being proud of! This is actually a great way to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

4. Reduce Social Media Engagements and Online Celebrity Stalking

Are you always on social media analyzing photos of yourself online or those of hot celebrities and then wallow in self-pity afterwards because you feel they are so perfect? Well, the truth is, when we are dealing with body image insecurities, we often look for flaws or rather things that back up how we actually view ourselves. We are always browsing pictures of flawless celebs that we are certain are much better than ourselves, just to confirm our worst fears. You may find yourself thinking out like “How I wish my body would be so perfect like that,” or “Look at that figure! Wish I could trade my body for hers.” What you’re doing is totally unjust to your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Every time you look at those pictures, you die a little inside. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You’re in control and one way to do this is to refrain from checking out celebrity pictures or pictures of others on social media. Start by deleting any and every single celebrity website from your computer, phone, tablet, or any other device that you have. You can even give yourself a 2-3 day ban and then ask yourself this, “Now that I have made the move to reduce my social interactions, do I feel better or worse by not comparing my body to others>?” Definitely, you will feel a lot better by not looking.

5. You are a whole person, not a collection of parts!

This is very important. You need to understand that you are not just a collection of body parts. No, you are a whole person. You know what this means? It's time you stopped zoning in on a single body feature when you look in the mirror and go like “Oh! My tummy is so flabby!” or “My thighs are so unsightly!” Instead, always view your whole body when looking in the mirror (and avoid magnifying mirrors at all cost). This way, you will be more inclined to have a simple, non-judgmental look rather than analyze each body feature.

Start by saying “how do I look today” instead of “how flabby does my tummy look today.” Be serious and very strict about this because it’s only then that you will start believing that how you look doesn’t really define you. Just remember that you could look like a fashion model but still be an arsehole. Keep in mind that you are so much more than your looks.

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