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Develop a Growth Mindset With These Ways

By Evan Walsh

We often believe that people who are able to achieve their goals and get successful are either extremely talented or they got lucky, which is utter negligence of the hard work those people put in to make their dreams come true. This is the thinking of people with a fixed mindset. The need of these times is to have a growth mindset that allows you to be at your destination against all odds and have a journey that is a complete learning process. To have a growth mindset you have to believe that nothing is impossible to achieve unless you accept it as a challenge, work hard for it and identify every opportunity that you get to be there. It has been observed that even the companies that adopted a growth mindset witnessed massive behavioural changes in their employees and they became more productive and loyal.


There is no limit to happiness and success and they can be achieved at any point of time at any age if you shift your thinking to the idea that you have to make yourself better in every way and in every walk of life. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a middle-aged working individual or the head of a multinational, you can always develop the growth mindset with just a few changes in your behavior and thinking and can get whatever you want from life.

Accept failures and mistakes

The foremost attribute to develop for a growth mindset is to see the mistakes as learning opportunities and failures as a reason to work harder and smarter. Accept them open heartedly and never think that if you are not good at anything you cannot be better. All it takes is to keep on practicing, keep on striving hard and make yourself better gradually. A few of the things to consider here are that is to be better at something, seek professional help and be patient.

Have a sense of purpose

It is very important to have a sense of purpose and an ultimate goal to cultivate the growth mindset. You cannot just keep on working randomly and think that this is growth. You should have a direction, a motive and a purpose that will eventually ignite your ambition. With an ultimate goal set short term targets that will help you to reach there.

Enjoy the journey towards your goal

You have to enjoy the process otherwise you won’t be able to grow. If you will think that all the hard work, practice and effort is labour, you will not be able to develop the growth mindset resulting in no personal or professional growth. Enjoying even the minor tasks might seem useless at the time but with a growth mindset, seek what are you learning in the process and it may be just patience!

Accept challenges as opportunities to grow

The thinking that you are not able to do something or don’t have the talent or age or health, will restrict your chances of success. Accept every challenge as an opportunity to grow... even if you fail in the end, you will know what not to do the next time. Seek assistance, take your time, be patient but be focused on the goal and keep on moving in the right direction.

Receive criticism positively

If you will get any kind of feedback or criticism, there is no need to feel disheartened or held back, instead accept it positively. Carefully analyze what has been said and if you find there is a need to improve or if you think that it was not justified, still work harder so that the next time there is not even a minor loophole to be pinpointed. It is all about your reaction and to develop a positive mindset, there is no chance of negativity at any level.

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