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5 Goals to Set Yourself in the Year to Come

It’s nearly a New Year, making it the right time to pledge to change your most negative traits and neglected goals in for something better. You don’t have to make every change you want to see in your life on January 1st, but in the New Year you should start to begin taking close and consistent action. Check out online MBA programs and submit your applications to a few different colleges. Sign up for those yoga classes you’ve been thinking about taking, and finally overhaul your resume so you can look to transition to a new company. In the year to come, you can see a better, exciting and more fulfilled life if you just set five simple goals for yourself.

Take Care of Your Body and Mind
Making big changes in your life requires you to be sufficiently prepared to resist backsliding. When you have a habit, no matter now negative you understand it to be, changing your routine can feel really foreign and uncomfortable in the beginning. Mental preparedness helps you to physically implement and keep up with all of the changes that you want to see in the next year.

Study Towards a Degree
There are many people who have college credits, but no degrees to show for their academic efforts. Perhaps you previous enrolled for an AACSB online MBA, but didn’t have the drive to finish your degree earlier in life. This means that one of your goals this year should be to finish, obtain or start studying for a degree that will help your career flourish.

Find the Purpose of Your Life
There is no singular meaning of life, so every person has to figure out what life means to him or her, as well as what goals are most important individually. Knowing what goals you want to be the focal point in your life will aid you in determining what your purpose on earth is.

Increase Your Income
Most people want to make more money, but short of picking up a part-time job or finding a hobby that can make them some extra cash, many fall flat of obtaining their financial goals. If you have been wanting to boost your take home pay, this is a good year to implement an improved financial plan. You may need to save more, learn more about budgeting or even start picking up odd jobs, but you can make a major difference in your yearly earnings if you stay focused.

Plan a Vacation
Due to the ever fluctuating state of the economy, many people are choosing to skip annual vacations so that they can save money or even get on their boss’s good side. In order to execute all of your other goals for this year, you’re going to need time for yourself. Vacations don’t have to be long or take place on the other side of the globe for you to get the peace of mind that you require to be productive.

Your list of New Year's resolutions should be short and easily understandable. There’s no need to announce to the world that you plan on going vegan, just as you don't need to tell your current employer that you’re eyeing job opening at competing companies. Keep your goals in mind as the year new progresses and make a lasting difference on your entire life.

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