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Power Up Your Life Through Goal Setting

By Emilie Villa

Many people are totally unaware of the power of subliminal messages. These messages can actually help us grow and succeed in our daily lives by using the power of positive thinking. There are three main ways that subliminal messages can be used for growth and success in life to retrain the brain to move from negative to positive thought.

First of all, subliminal image messages are probably the most well-known type of subliminal messaging. Images that remind us of something or evoke a specific positive thought or emotion can be a powerful way to grow and succeed with positive thinking. By surrounding ourselves with images of nature, of our families, or simply of things that make us feel good, we can go a long way towards reprogramming our minds to positive thought.

Subliminal audio is another way to achieve positive thinking. By listening to music or sounds of the natural world that remind us of calm and serene environments, we can achieve a positive and uncluttered frame of mind? Subliminal audio of a motivational speaker or a calm, encouraging voice is another way to retrain our minds so that we can achieve positive thought processes all day long.


Of course the human capacity to read and understand language is another very powerful motivator. “Reading motivational messages, posters, and other text that reminds us subliminally of positive thoughts is a good way to inspire positive thinking.” – say writers from custom essay company, who need to be motivated all the time. Because quality of their work depends on it.

There are plenty of such posters and messages which can be found online or at specific subliminal message websites which help us achieve these types of positive thought.

Retraining the mind to think positively is a great way to grow and succeed in all areas of life including business, home, and personal? By thinking positively throughout the day, we can be happier and more fulfilled in all aspects of our lives.

The discussion of goal setting is a common topic. Everyone understands the overall concept of goal setting – right? Can you think of goals you have set in the past? Or have you given up on goal setting because you “don’t ever succeed?” People can get stuck in the endless cycle of setting goals and failing. So, a natural reaction is not to set goals at all.

Does everyone fail at goal setting? Of course not! What is the difference with people who set goals and succeed versus those that set goals and fail? The biggest obstacle that gets in the way of success is the level of commitment a person has in the actual goal they set.

Setting or declaring that you want to lose weight will not be enough to lose the weight. Beyond the declaration of the goal, are the steps and actions that you commit to losing the weight. Actions such as changing your eating habits, determining the type of exercise program to implement, who is going to be part of your support system, etc.

If you cannot see beyond the goal itself to the steps and actions necessary, then the declaration of the goal itself will not be enough. It is a great first step – but not the only step necessary.

Steps to committing to your goals:

  1. You want to make sure that each and every goal is vital and important to you – not to someone else. Setting a goal to quit smoking because your spouse asks you to will not set you up for success. Spend time determining the value of this goal and its importance to you and your life before making your declaration.
  2. Ask yourself what will happen if you do not follow through on this goal? If nothing comes to mind that would happen, then you might want to raise the stakes; revisit the goal and its importance to you and your life. If you set a goal to quit smoking but you do not believe there are any benefits to that goal, you might want to research the health issues of being a smoker versus a non-smoker.
  3. Renew your commitment to your goal or goals each day. Post your goals where you can see them constantly. Begin to see the goal and the rewards of achieving the goal in your mind and in your life. See yourself as a non-smoker, feel yourself easily breathing in fresh air, saving the money you had been spending on cigarettes, etc. See the goal and the benefits of the accomplishment of the goal every single day.
Bio: Emilie Villa is a successful freelance writer and copywriter for the last two years. She specializes in writing different types of papers. Also, she works closely in B2B sphere and provides blog writing and copywriting services. Emilie graduated from Colorado State University with bachelor degree and now lives in USA state Colorado.

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