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Your Mighty Mind: Can It Help with Recession?

By Piercarla Garusi

I am sure you are familiar with metaphysics and the power of thought, which is: what we think about we bring about, like attracts like, positive attracts positive. And so, what happens in our life, we have created it with our mind, conscious and subconscious.

Some people wonder what the subconscious mind is, the subconscious mind is simply what we are not currently conscious about. In the subconscious mind there are beliefs, memories, programs, etc.; and so, conscious and subconscious thoughts, beliefs, programs determine how we feel and our reality.

The mind has an extraordinary power, but we need to use it properly, we need to master our mind, otherwise the mind masters us! We need to learn how to create consciously, so that we do not create what we do not want.

Sometimes people feel powerless in life, thinking their current circumstances are down to luck, or that perhaps the difficulties and pain they have experienced through life will prevent their happiness, wellbeing or success. It isn't so. By knowing about the power of the mind, and how we can master it, we can change our current circumstances and we can heal the past. And so we can achieve what we want, regardless of the outside 'recession'.

An incredible, redemptive power we have is the power of decision; by deciding we take control of our lives. To change our current circumstances we need to decide what we want and do what it takes to align ourselves with that.

Now, in the traditional coaching it is about having a goal, chunking it down, make an action plan to achieve it. What I am talking about is changing inside, so that change outside happens easily.

Some people think: ok, I think positive; but thinking positive does not work if I do not let go of all the negative programming below the consciousness. The mind is like a computer, if there is a virus in the computer I need to delete the virus, otherwise the virus keeps running, no matter how many nice new software I put into the computer.

And so once we have decided what we want, we need to change all the subconscious programming which caused the situation in the first place. And this includes beliefs, programs, emotions, thought patterns. And undoing the mind and ego will bring us back to spirituality, to the extraordinary masterpiece every person is and her real power.

Now, something more about the power of the mind, as this could help for example in therapy or problem solving. If I have experienced a trauma let's say, the tendency is to analyze the problem in order to find a solution; the problem with this approach is that it does not take into consideration the metaphysical laws and so if I focus on the problem, I create more of the problem, not simply in my neurology, but also in my life. Or, let's say for example I have a problem and I would like to find a solution. The traditional approach is to think, to try to figure out a solution and if I do not have a solution try harder; does it work? No!

Albert Einstein said: "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." Sometimes it might seem I have a solution and I think I have managed to figure it out, but the solution does not come from the mind, it comes from a Higher Place in the form of an intuition. That is the place where all creativity resides. Now, what happens is that if we do not manage to figure something out, we will start automatically to beat ourselves up, bringing more negativity in our lives.

This approach is linked to what we think intelligence is and what we think the mind is. Now, Descartes said: 'I think, therefore I am', which simply means the mind is the thinker; it does not mean we are our minds. And so we are not our thoughts, and we can learn how to let them float away, which is the same that many meditative philosophies say. And what is intelligence? There is a global infinite intelligence we can easily connect to when we let go of our ego.

And so, you are not your mind, you are not your thoughts, and in fact, whatever you think you are, you are infinitely more than that.

Copyright © Piercarla Garusi 2009 - All rights reserved. Piercarla Garusi is a Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotic Practitioner, Director of PG Coaching Ltd. She is passionate about helping you be well, connect with your soul, be the extraordinary person you truly are, develop your spirituality and create a life that makes you truly happy. For more information please visit: PG Coaching, or email.
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