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7 Perfect Tips for Self-Motivation and Positive Attitude for This Fall

By Laura Galet

Life is a mixture of blissful moments and some other awful times. And while beautiful moments are often left engraved in many people’s minds for years, nothing can be as suffocating to one’s dreams and hopes as leading a life with no motivation.

Just look around and spot that one teenager whose face is filled with acne marks. No one knows the struggles more than someone battling an acne infection. Their self-esteem dwindles and suddenly sees themselves as victims of something they can’t stop. Woe unto such victims if the problem persists beyond teenage years and suppresses positive attitude and self-motivation.

Having a positive attitude and being self-motivated is another of many little clichés, yet we still feel down and dejected, sometimes.

But as you may have realized, losing self-motivation and enthusiasm about life is all about the mind and your psychology. You can choose to look at the glass as “half-empty” or “half-full.” To help you be happy, self-motivated and confident in the midst of problems beyond your control, here are some seven tips you should practice.

  • Refuel and Re-energize.
    We all know that tire plus hunger brings forth that unhappy feeling. But the combination can be far more damaging than merely making one sad. The brain will interpret the loss of sleep as a threat to the nervous system, causing a person to lose sleep, speak fewer words and start being suicidal. If you are slowly edging towards this point and your attitude is chronically cranky, just change your diet and eating habits and focus on eating more and healthy foods. Also, have a good night sleep so that the body recharges and re-energizes.
  • Tell Yourself You Can Change.
    When feeling down, lost or heartbroken, just ask yourself why you are feeling that way. Thereafter try this: Note down the three greatest moments in your life, including those that made you believe in yourself. You may have landed a job of your dreams, met your soulmate, finally purchased a house or even won a bet. Hang the list on your bathroom door or above your work desk so that it keeps reminding you why you ought to remain motivated. If all those don’t work, listen to your favorite music; a jam that soothes the heart and elicits positive memories!
  • Be Proactive.

    “An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop,” Anon.

    When you are idle, maybe feeling low and unmotivated, external events tend to affect your moods. A proactive person rarely feels down and dejected owing to the body being active and the mind having no time to think about bad things. Be proactive, choose your attitude and maintain it throughout the day!

  • Take a walk, ride a bike or travel to an exotic destination.
    When you are feeling wretched, it becomes easy to blow small negatives out of proportion. But as research studies point out, new environments can significantly change the mind’s perception of negative moods. It doesn’t need to be an expensive retreat since something subtle like riding a bike or visiting a local art museum can have a significant impact on being self-motivated.
  • Find Humor.
    You shouldn’t spend the whole day, the entire week or even a fortnight feeling hurt and gloomy. Allow your mind to wander and draw some humor out of the bad situation. Use the acne marks as a mark showing that everything would be okay soon. Or, crack a joke, remember that funny friend you studies together or laugh at how absurd you could be looking. You can dance the gloomy moments away or shout at the top of your voice at the house when you are alone!
  • Seek support at the right places or find someone worth speaking to.
    Venting could deepen the issue rather than taming it. However, the simplest way of going about it and getting motivated is seeing someone who will be willing to lend you their ears. Such a person will help you find the right solution, initiate a positive attitude or recognize the correct way of living with it.

    With big decisions, find someone with a different personality – probably someone older and who may have been through it. You may also identify a person of a different economic status, different age group or social class!

  • Channel your stress hormones to something useful.
    Stresses often worsen a bad situation. But as science expounds, stress hormones actually can boost memory and reasoning. You just need to be positive and start thinking about how the cause of stress can be a valuable lesson later. You only need to identify the real cause of it and focus on correcting it.

A positive attitude can be infectious and even shift your whole life. Stresses, loss of enthusiasm and negativities are part of life and you ought to accept that they will always be there. But learn to purposefully infuse your life with positive thoughts, acts and friends so that you don’t feel weighed down by stresses whenever they strike.

Laura Galet is a writer and psychologist from Florida, who is interested in healthy lifestyle. Her previous article was about vitamins for memory.
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