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Why Millennials Are Addicted
to Self Improvement

By Erica Fleming

Each generation has its own unique features, determined by the era, social norms and technologies. Millennials have been at the center of market research and culture for many years, and today they are the largest group in the labor market. What brings together representatives of this generation?

The generations of Millennials, also known as generations of Y, usually include people who were born between 1981 and 1994-2000. As the Pew Research Center explains, the distinction between different generations in precise years is only an indicative benchmark, and expert opinions about clear transition date from one generation to another usually differs slightly. The youngest generation of the present is the generation Z (iGeneration, postmillennial), which began to emerge between 1995 and 2000.

The greatest value for the "millennials" is to control their own lives, time and work. They prefer to work in a team; they’re good communicators, emit self-confidence and combine optimism with realism naturally.

The fact that it’s difficult to force the Millennials to do something, just by motivation, is proven by many experts. The nominal status of a person in a company is no longer an argument for them: people of this generation will not follow those whom they don't respect.

Self-improvement in the life of Millennials

Many experts have repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that young people in the communist countries are the engine of change. Millennials are considered more tolerant and active in defending their rights, protecting the environment and animal rights.

Critics of the results of generational research warn that when comparing the Millennials, we should not forget that many people live poorly, and they are not able to enjoy many opportunities of the modern world, which are discussed in such analyzes.

The Millennials are different in each country, but experts agree that globalization, social networks, media and widespread Western culture generally make them more similar to each other, than other generations. And the Millennials, without a doubt, have certain differences, even in regions, but researchers can trace common similarities as well.

Self-improvement (work on oneself) is the conscious development of decent (necessary for life and ethical) skills and qualities, and on their basis - the development of new roles. That feature is very important in the life of Millennials.

You can improve yourself in different directions. The main types (directions) are moral, mental, physical, aesthetic and professional self-improvement. Separately, you can distinguish personal self-improvement, which usually involves the education of ourselves, from the development of the necessary personal skills, and sometimes the development of freedom, thinking, and other mental functions.

Dissatisfaction isn’t the only reason for the desire for self-improvement. In addition to problems, there are opportunities in life, and there are people who find it right to use all the best opportunities that life gives us. If you live well, and you want it to be perfect, then you are good, but you have to be excellent.

The main reasons for addiction to self-improvement

The difference between the generations is studied quite widely, and such studies usually cost a lot of money. The fact is that generational analysis allows companies to develop, for example, marketing strategies (since each new generation is potential consumers). The main reasons why Millennials are addicted to self-improvement are:

1. Love to travel: experience is the best way to self-improvement.
Many experts agree that no generation has been so guided to travel to other countries as the Millennials. As numerous studies have shown, the Millennials often postpone money on a journey, that many people consider as life's priority.

2. Eating habits: priority to restaurants and ready meals, instead of wasting time on cooking.
According to an analysis of the Bernstein company, the Millennials are eating in restaurants more than any other generation. As the habit of eating ready-made food is increasing, most grocery stores began to offer cooked food, and not every restaurant has food delivery to home.

3. The thickest generation in history that wants to be self-improved.
The study of food habits points to another common feature of modern Millennials. From the United States and Great Britain to the Arab Emirates, many of them have problems with overweight. On the other hand, in many countries, useful products are quite expensive, so even Millennials who would like to eat bio-food, often have to refuse it.

4. The most conscious generation.
Millennials are often called "the most conscious" generations. According to polls, the well-known electric car Tesla Model 3, which is more affordable than other car companies, has become a real favorite among the Millennials.

5. Television has come to the fore.
Millennials are watching TV less, compared to other generations. They have turned the attention of the media world into social networks. Facebook and Instagram, for example, are the most common websites.

6. The balance between work and rest.
A study by the American Bureau of Labor Statistics concluded that the Millennials, on average, sleep half an hour more than representatives of other generations, trying to "pour" the recommended 7-9 hours. The fact is that they consider it important to keep a balance between work and rest, which positively affects productivity and overall health.

In the generation of Millennials, you can see the desire for idealism - for them, and the workplace often has to be a "cause" of life, which makes sense and benefit. They usually work very easily together with others and can handle many functions very well.

: My name is Erica Fleming. I support the effective adoption of new technologies or ways of working within writing, by communicating complex information in an informative and inspiring way.
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