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Finding Your Treasure: Without Losing Yourself!

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By Thomas Quarry

Pursuing one's treasure is the key to living up to one's dreams and goals. Yet the idea of it isn't the same for all. A quest for your treasure will reveal the secret on the steps to be used in creating the quality of life you desire and processes needed in turning living into a discipline. This comes in situations where one has a lingering expectation of a lifetime turn around, instead of living every moment the best we can! It's a fact that treasure trails could be of help in finding a purpose for achieving those ambitions.

While we find expressions to the idea of “self” and “desires,” we need to determine how those goals we’ve set are to be achieved and what is to be tolerated in pursuing them. We all have our differences when it comes to the idea of “self.” While some people may have lost themselves in the pursuit of others, some compromised their “self” into blinded concern about those around them. We may wonder how the issue of compromise has shaped our relationship with friends, neighbors, and even family in the race of our dreams and goals. We all have a desire for a treasure which we could not compromise but may endanger our “self” in achieving them. We must, however, find our treasure even without losing our self-esteem and values but achieve success, happiness, and other adventures.

Discovering Your Treasure: A Key to Achieving Success

Forty years back in time, Marc Geriene had signed on as a diver for a Caribbean treasure expedition, which lasted for six months. He became more frequent in voyages ever since this period. He co-invented and patented a locally controlled and easily accessible technology tagged “Nova Ray Vehicle (ROV)” with his brother and business associate, Krist. The invention has, in a subsequent time, landed them a huge success through a joint venture with one of the world's largest oil companies using technology transfer.

You may also find interesting many of the experiences shared by Geriene in his quest for fortune. He was more expository in “Finding Your Treasure” by practically showing you the strategies you may adopt in recognizing your treasure — your key goal, and the steps to be taken in setting a course for the adventures and riches. He gave the expedient exposition along with a validated and verified 10-step plan and five daily exercises for success in any endeavor.


Whoever you are, if you're craving for a more exciting, successful, and adventurous inspiration, “Finding Your Treasure” is substantially expository to the choice and things to do to live and enjoy your life to the fullest! Getting ready for a greater moment requires apt planning, a stitch in time saves nine. Wikipedia has suggested that people set deadlines within a finite time to achieve their goals. A deep understanding of “Finding your Treasure” could help fulfill desires that have a targeted deadline. How do you treat yourself in the process of finding treasure?

Author’s Bio
Thomas Quarry is a renowned writer with many years of writing different books, articles, blog posts, which have earned him recognition worldwide. He is a motivational speaker and an academic researcher. Thomas enjoys playing American football and swimming during relaxation periods. He is happily married and blessed with two kids. 

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