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The Power of Gratitude

By Bob Doyle

Anyone who has spent any time with the Wealth Beyond Reason material knows how much I stress the power of gratitude, and the power it has to help you attract what you most truly desire. Still, there are people who struggle with this concept, in particular when things seem really "bad" and it's a challenge to find things to be thankful for.

This week, one of our WBR clients (let's call him Dave) asked the question - "What do I need to do to discover my passion and be happy at work?" His complaint was that he hadn't been able to "figure it out" - all he knew was that he was not happy, that he felt unfulfilled in his job, and he was tired of living an "uninspired" life.

Dave's coach asked him to consider that where he was looking to discover his passion might have been in the wrong place. His coach invited him to consider that where he continued to look to find out if he was happy was in his 'unhappiness.' "Stop focusing on the life you have that you don't want, Dave," was his coaching.

"Begin to 'try on' possibilities that you have never considered before, without regard to what you have done or where you have been successful in the past. Otherwise, where you are looking to create your future is in the past and it will just cause you to have more of the same thing in your future - unhappiness and lack of fulfillment."

What Dave's coach saw was that because Dave was so focused on what he had that he did not want, there was no gratitude present for what he already had, and that he wasn't open to something he currently couldn't see. His Coach suggested that for one week, Dave concentrate on noticing all the things about his job that he liked - looking at what did work about his interactions with others, and about being grateful for those things that he could see that were satisfying about his job, no matter how small.

The next week, when they again engaged in this conversation, what came through, loud and strong, to Dave, was that he actually did like and was grateful for a LOT about what he was doing and that mostly it was his internal conversations about how unappreciated or misunderstood he was rather than anything about the job that had him dislike being there. In other words, it was his limiting beliefs about himself, the fact that he didn't think he was doing a good enough job and that his colleagues didn't respect him that had him think he hated his job.

Once he began to take responsibility for creating his attitude about his job rather than why his job was 'uninspiring,' he recognized, more and more, that the situation was about 'who he was being' than the job itself that caused him to be dissatisfied.

He had been blaming the job for his limiting beliefs about himself and had been unable to see what came between him and satisfaction. Once he saw that, he opened up to enjoying the things he did at work. He began to communicate more clearly to his colleagues about what worked and did not work, instead of making it all "the wrong job." The most amazing thing of all is that, after two weeks of realizing he could be happy at his work, and grateful for his job, he received a new job offer for an entirely new position - one which he had never thought of applying for. He told his coach he was really clear that this opportunity would never have come up if he had continued focusing on what was wrong with his old job instead of expanding his ability to appreciate what he already had.

Dave got to see that gratitude can be a powerful attractor in life - and our coaches recommend that taking on that distinction alone can transform your mundane job into one of satisfaction and fulfillment - just because you create it that way with gratitude!

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