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Use this Mindset Shift to Get Out of Your Own Way

If you’re struggling with your finances, business, or any other aspect of your life, you might be thinking to yourself, “If only I had more. More money, more talent, more opportunities—then I would be able to achieve what I want.” But what if what you need is actually being held dormant in your mind, waiting for you to access it? If you harbor a perpetual negative outlook on your potential for success, you might be experiencing the effects of what psychologist Carol Dweck calls a fixed mindset—and shifting that mindset could be the shining opportunity you’ve been searching for. 

A fixed mindset is rooted in the belief that your potential for success depends on your current capabilities, and that room for growth simply doesn't exist. In a fixed mindset, challenges appear impossible to surpass because you don’t believe you can develop the skills required to overcome them. This mindset keeps you stuck and limits your ability to reach new levels of success. 

The alternative to this is a growth mindset, which is based on believing that you aren’t limited by your inherent talents or skill levels, and that you’re just as capable of accomplishing your goals as anyone else. When you assess your life through the lens of a growth mindset, you’re more equipped to tackle challenges and find the success in life you’re looking for. 

CreditRepair created a helpful visual guide to help you dive deeper into the tenants of a growth mindset and how you can begin implementing them in your own life, as well as examples of a fixed mindset and how to combat them. Understanding how your perspective influences your potential for success is the first step towards breaking through the negative beliefs that keep you stuck, so you can start reaching new heights in 2021 and beyond...

Develop a Growth Mindset

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