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What is Positive Thinking
& How Do You Think Positively?

By Elliot Caleira

What is Positive Thinking?

Life is all about the ups and downs. The constant challenges that one has to deal on a day to day basis is one of the deciding factors behind a person’s success. In order to efficiently deal with things, one has to develop a positive attitude towards life.

Problems and challenges are equally distributed in one’s life regardless of how rich or poor you are. In such cases, having a positive thinking mindset is a great benefit and an added strength. Positive thinking is interpreted in many different ways, in this context, positive thinking is not only your thoughts but also the actions, steps, and measures you take in your life.

Though there are many areas where thinking purely positive cannot be much of an encouragement; positive thinking doesn’t advocate blindly believing that everything will turn out to be right in the end. The gist of positive thinking is to understand the fact that the result of an action will turn out positive when one acts in the right direction.

One cannot do wrongful acts and expect things to be positive just because it is a vessel to inner peace. True, positive thinking helps in staying at ease and brings inner peace and tranquility. However, one cannot think positive and sit still. Any sort of result, either positive or negative for that reason will spring from a decision and an action taken. Therefore, thinking right and enacting one’s thoughts and ideas is the key.

Think and Do Positively using these Three Steps:

  1. Assess situations rationally before coming to any conclusions such as good, bad, worse or anything else.
    In many cases, we rush to the conclusions and label situations as good or bad. Instead of that, one must thoroughly analyze the situation without rushing to conclusions. Every problem you are facing right now might’ve already been encountered and solved by someone else. There is always a way out. We are what we tell ourselves, and we affect our subconscious with our negative self-talk. Our subconscious mind plays a very crucial role in our lives.

    There was a businessman who went by the name of Harry. One fine day, the government declared demonetization and issued a ban on the majority of the currency notes from the coming week. Businesspeople panicked. Being the positive thinker he was, he came up with an idea of accepting the currency till next week and made triple the amount of profit.

  2. Try and come up with a plan of action which will help you deal with the situation at hand.
    Formulate a plan and take the first step. As said before, when one doesn’t make a step forward towards growth, positive thinking will be equal to wishful thinking. Take a step forward, Rome was never built in a day. Most of the times, 80% of the results depend on only 20% of the actions. You never know the real potential of your small step. Keep hustling, keep thinking positive.

    Lewis, an ambitious 22 year soccer player, was cycling back home from a practice match and unfortunately, met with an accident. The accident brought severe physical trauma and his chances of playing for his team in a game that was a week ahead seemed impossible. Instead of panicking, he underwent the Graston technique of physiotherapy and quickly recovered from his pain and plaid for his match.

  3. Do your bit and don’t overthink.
    Here comes the critical part. Follow the above steps and do what is required. Once you have done your bit, relax and think positive.

Why think Positively?

Positive thinking has many advantages. It’s good for your health as well. People who think positively are less prone to psychological issues like anxiety, distress, panic attacks. Think Positive and stay healthy.

Elliot CaleiraElliot Caleira is a freelance writer in the self-mastery and health and wellness spaces. When he's not writing you'll find him cooking or teaching Portuguese classes. More articles by Elliot.

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