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5 Mobile Apps to Guide
Your Wellness Journey

wellness apps

By Alexandra Bohigian

As you begin your wellness journey, whether that be healthier eating, more working out, greater mindfulness, or any other type of personal development — it can be difficult to stay on track.  Did you know that your smartphone can serve as a tool to help you on this wellness journey? Mobile app development companies have created several apps to make health and wellness a little more manageable. With a number of mobile applications available for download that are specifically geared toward wellness, these are five mobile apps we recommend trying in conjunction with your personal development activities.


Headspace is a mobile app that helps beginners learn to meditate. The goal of Headspace is to make meditation and mindfulness simple, as many people tend to assume that meditation is not for them. Meditation is a helpful tool for people suffering with insomnia, depression, anxiety and pain. It also results in lower blood pressure and less stress. Headspace offers several packages and meditation plans to allow individuals to really cater their meditation and mindfulness to what they need in the moment. Learn more about Headspace here.


Is physical wellness high up on your list of priorities? If so, Aaptiv may be just the right app for you. Aaptiv is a mobile app with audio recordings of various workouts, ranging from beginner level to advanced. They also have specialty workouts for people who want to focus on running, yoga, and even specialty programs for those who are pregnant! After picking a workout, the user can plug in their earphones and follow a “personal” trainer’s instructions. The workouts are accompanied by music and just the right level of motivation to keep participants focused on their goals. Learn more about Aaptiv here.


A restless night spent trying to fall asleep can make that morning alarm clock one’s worst enemy! The brains behind the mobile app SleepCycle wanted to create an alarm that still wakes the user up, but does so when they are in the lightest sleep cycle possible. Users keep this app open next to their bed and the app will use sound analysis technology to determine which sleep cycle they are in. Once the lightest sleep cycle is detected near the set wake up time, the SleepCycle alarm will gently wake up the participant, allowing for them to wake up feeling the most possibly rested. Learn more about SleepCycle here.


Do you find distraction to be one of the hardest parts of your wellness journey? If so, we recommend the Noisli app. Noisli offers several options for people who need to find focus. There are options for blocking out annoying noises, getting in the concentration zone, for increasing productivity, and even an option for reducing stress! Noise can make a huge impact on one’s wellness, especially for those suffering with sound sensitivity. Noisli is an excellent tool to keep in your transformative wellness toolbox. Learn more about Noisli here.


If physical activity and nutrition are important to you on your wellness journey, then MyFitnessPal is a great application to consider downloading. This mobile app allows users to input the foods they are eating and track the nutritional content of these foods. This is perfect for people looking to lose a couple of pounds as well as for people  who are trying to keep track of the nutrition they are getting. In addition, users can add different workouts they are completing for a full view of how their activity levels and nutrition consumption coincide. Learn more about MyFitnessPal here.

Are there any wellness apps you enjoy using that have helped you on your journey? Or, do you find it more helpful to be away from your phone altogether? In my opinion, finding the right balance is key in all things in life, but especially when it comes to technology. Knowing what is helpful and what is damaging to your wellness journey can make all the difference, and I hope these and other wellness mobile apps only work to supplement your journey.

Alexandra Bohigian works for Enola Labs Software, a software development company based in Austin, TX. Alexandra enjoys writing about healthcare and technology.
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