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Bridging the Gap
Part 3 of 3: Finding Your Balance

By Angel Shadow

"Slow down and ask yourself where you've been." —unknown

Denying Who You Are
When you forget the essence of who you truly are, you are thrown off balance and being in touch with your higher self will give you a steady, firm foundation to build on. However, when you're taken in by the 3-D world vibration, you sometimes forget you're more than human. This vibration holds you firmly in place, keeping you "down to earth" and locked in a pattern of habits and programming.

The first part of changing your programming has already been accomplished by facing your shadows, but if you still carry denial that some of your shadows or ego aspects continue to exist, you're left in denial of who you are. When this happens, your next step is to move past that denial and accept there may be some ego/shadow aspects still in hiding. You can't simply deny a part of yourself. When you attempt this, a hole is left in your energy and you feel incomplete, sometimes without knowing why. When you accept yourself as whole, there are no gaps in your energy. While you may not enjoy dealing with certain aspects of your personality, coming to terms with it moves you out of denial and into a level of acceptance and unconditional love, not only for yourself, but humanity as a whole.

When Life Forces You To Move
The energies of our world are changing so dramatically, it's almost impossible to remain in one place. Your "stuff" is being thrown in your face with such a force, you have no choice but to deal with it. The best way to do this is through a quiet acceptance of the past. When you have issues that have been pushed aside and not dealt with, they will be presented quickly, hitting you at full speed, so there is no reaction time. The current energies aren't giving you a lot of time to think it over. You must deal with the issue now so you can move forward.

The past is something we all share and while each individual's past is personal, they still interact with others through emotional reactions. But the past can be healed and released. The decisions made right now are what determine the future, so start today. Life is trying to tell you to move forward and clear these issues once and for all. When memories come up that cause pain and anxiety, instead of pushing them aside, deal with them. You need to ask why it still makes you anxious to deal with this issue. You need to send healing and forgiveness not only to the other person involved, but to yourself as well.

Surround the entire situation with light and allow the experience of soft healing to take place. You know this healing is taking place when you feel a shift in your energy. Every cell in your body will feel lighter and the weight will feel like its lifted off your shoulders. Full healing will have taken place when you can recall the situation and feel piece of mind. When you experience a smile instead of a frown. A deep cleansing breath instead of painfully holding it all in. When true healing takes place, you know it. You feel it with every fiber of your being. Life gives you countless opportunities to do this. The issues will be coming fast and furious and now is the time to deal with them.

Learn To Bend and Move
When life tries to push you, do you have a tendency to dig in and not move? Do you experience that feeling of "This will not knock me down?" If so, over time you'll be in up to your neck, wondering why you can no longer move or function. You need to plant your roots, not dig yourself into a hole. These roots will hold you firmly in place while you sway to and fro, moving and changing with the opportunities presented to you. Stubbornly fighting this change will make you rigid and hard. It takes a painful situation and magnifies it, turning your heart into stone.

When life pushes you, you need to learn to bend and move. This can be difficult because your muscles are tight and sore. You've held them in place for so long, they've forgotten how flexible they truly are. When a wind comes, you need to allow it to move you and feel the freedom that comes with it. If life wants to push you over there, move with it. Learn to replant your roots. Just like a plant that has outgrown its container, you can uproot and replant yourself where ever life takes you. No special soil required. Learn to go with the flow because sometimes, that's what life requires. Don't be afraid to be knocked off balance, your roots will always grab hold.

Balance Assists in Crossing the Bridge
You can remain in a reality based on fear and judgment or you can move into a world of love, peace, and acceptance. By finding your balance, living your truth and remembering who you are, you will be presented with opportunities to live out your purpose. Whether you accept these opportunities is up to you.

When you make a conscious choice to find your balance, you can overcome any obstacles that are standing in your path. That doesn't mean fear and anxiety won't be present. It simply means you're being given an opportunity to push past them and eliminate them altogether. Sometimes, the very thing you fear is the situation you need to embrace. This not only assists in eliminating the fear, it reprograms your subconscious mind, bringing a new understanding and level of vibration. This moves you along the bridge and prevents you from becoming stagnant.

Who Are You....Really?
Defining who you are is a very personal journey. It requires deep, serious soul searching that takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride. It requires living in front of a mirror 24/7, with an image that constantly reminds you where you've been and what you've done. Every issue, insecurity, fear and anxiety you've had gets brought painfully to the surface to relive and review. The difficult part is accepting and realizing it's for your own good.

Who are you....really? You are the past, the present, the future and the programming of generations. You are the blood, sweat, and tears of your own creation. You are the origins of old and the seed for the new. But to create the new, requires action in the present and the actions must be carefully considered, for one day, they too will be a thing of the past. Weaving its way into the future of coming generations.

Awakening From Your Coma
Awakening can be a painful process. You're comfortable in your warm bed, snuggled by security blankets that keep you safe and protected. So what happens when those blankets are ripped from your body? For many, the first reaction is shock and disbelief.

At first, awakening creates confusion. You wander around, still half asleep, bumping into things. You're grumpy and simply want to go back to bed. However, once true awakening occurs, it's like giving three cups of coffee to a non-coffee drinker. Suddenly, you're wide awake, but still confused and disoriented. Your world is spinning out of control and you're bouncing off the walls with no direction. You have to come down from the awakening high before you can get a grasp on reality. The trick is not falling back to sleep.

Maintaining the new balance and establishing different routines that uphold a new level of vibration is the key to staying awake. Even a well thought out crossroad can become a spinning loop if you fall asleep on the job. When you feel yourself spinning, extend yourself out and push forward. Awakening from your coma doesn't have to be difficult. You're always in control.

Learning to forgive those who bring us pain is a great challenge, not for the soul, but for the physical body experiencing 3-D emotions. Try to remember that if these individuals didn't challenge you, you wouldn't be given the opportunity to define who you are and what you're willing to fight for. You don't always have to agree to benefit from a situation. Allow it help you define yourself and the role you're meant to play. That doesn't mean you have to sit there and allow yourself to be abused. There's a beneficial lesson in finding the strength to walk away. Simply do it with an understanding that you're taking the lesson with you. Allow the other to absorb their part of the lesson in their own time. Figure out the lesson you were supposed to learn. It's possible that forgiveness may be part of it.

Why is it that healing is only required in situations that are labeled as negative and your joyful experiences are overlooked, tossed aside and taken for granted? You tend to dwell on the negative because that's the heaviness held within your heart. It weighs you down and makes your journey feel sluggish and long. The heaviness can be removed through healing and forgiveness, but you have to be willing to take that first step.

Healing the past requires releasing the pain that you feel others have inflicted on you and you need to make sure you haven't allowed your emotional reactions to dictate your choices and control your personal power. Don't become so wrapped up in the soap opera of your life, that you lose all common sense. Remember that each time you encounter conflict in life, you're being given an opportunity to heal the past. The players may change, but the game will remain the same until the outcome is one of balance.

Simply because you learn to react in a different manner, doesn't mean you aren't going to experience negative conflict. But you will be able to recover with lightning speed once you learn to recognize your triggers. These triggers are always with you and will put you to the test when you least expect it, so learn to recognize your emotional response patterns. No one can hurt you unless you allow it and no one can control your personal power unless you hand over the reins.

Finding Your Place In the Puzzle
Humanity is a puzzle of diversity. The flat edges are the foundation and the inner pieces complete the whole. One piece is no more important than the other, for without them all, the puzzle would be incomplete. As an individual living in a 3-D illusion, you have to cross your bridges, select your crossroads, face your shadows and find your balance. Once you do this, your piece of the puzzle will be in place. There is no time limit. It's not a race to see who can get there first. Your journey is yours, so don't compare it to others and don't allow others to take your personal power. Define yourself and walk your path with pride. All roads lead to the same place. All the pieces of the puzzle will fit together in the end.

Copyright © 2008 Angel Shadow™ All rights reserved.
My ancestry is Irish and Cherokee Indian and I have a gypsy spirit that refuses to be fenced in. I am definitely not a conformist. Much of my life was spent under the control of others. I have now found my own personal freedom, based on my own personal truth and nothing could be more liberating. Learn more...

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