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The answer LIES within us

By Gavin Allinson

Where we are and what we have in our lives is based upon the fears that we have allowed to control our lives. Think about it: the reason why we don't have the things we want; the lifestyle we want; the relationships we want; the body we want is because of our fear and our unwillingness to get uncomfortable and move towards it. What else is holding us back? If you really think about it, you know what to do to start moving towards your objective. You do, don't you? Be honest with yourself for once!

We constantly look for the answers outside of ourselves. We get into personal development; attending seminars. We listen to CD series and we read books looking for the answer in places the answer doesn't lurk. Personal Development should be renamed personal awareness. Awareness is only the first step. How often have you read a book and got to the exercises at the end of the chapter and said to yourself, "Wow that is excellent information. Let me read the next chapter before I go back and do the exercises"? Or am I the only person who has ever done that?

The answer LIES within us.

Let's look at that sentence and the word in capitals. What does the word LIES mean to you in this context? It has 2 meanings to me. Firstly, the answers are located inside of us. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the answers can be uncovered by identifying the lies or untruths within us.

Ponder on that last paragraph for a few moments.

The reason why we don't have the things in our life is because of our fears. These fears stem from the lies we have chosen to believe. It is my belief and personal experience that a fear originates from a specific point of origin. By locating that specific point of origin it is then possible to move forward in life. If you don't know from where the problem originates how can you fix it? Anything else is papering over the cracks.

The fears we persist in holding onto are stronger than the fears of having what we want to create in the future. A reason for this is that our past has energy associated with it; Bill Bailey has termed it the 'Gravity of the past'.

Let me explain. Our past has an energy associated with it (like gravity): all our experiences both good and bad are tied up in the past. Therefore, there is more energy associated with this than the future we want to create. As we attempt to move towards our new future, we have to move with sufficient power and purpose to escape the pull of the gravity, like a space ship trying to escape the Earth's atmosphere. If we don't move with enough power, the gravity pulls us back to earth. By identifying the LIES WITHIN US and removing them we lighten our load and we have a more efficient spacecraft which can escape the pull of the atmosphere and truly move our life into orbit.

Gavin Allinson is a Coach with Total Success Institute. He has helped numerous clients identify the lies that have been holding them back and limited their development. You can contact Gavin for a Free 30 minute consultation, during which he will help you take the steps to uncover your lies.
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