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A New Beginning

By Larry Agresto

A new beginning is just a thought away. Let me start by saying that you are your thoughts. Did you know that life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent what you do with what happens to you? Think about it for a moment; you can't control life but you do have a say about how you respond to what happens in your life. Your success and happiness in life, is in direct proportion to the level of change and personal development you create in your life.

Your mind is the most powerful force that you possess. Thoughts have a basis in reality creation. Try experimenting with a simple exercise by being aware of your behavior and emotions the next time something good or bad occurs in your life. If in the moment, you were thinking positive thoughts, you most likely realized a positive result or circumstance; on the other hand, if you were thinking a negative thought, you probably experienced a negative result or experience.

A positive thought, will never create a negative result; likewise, a negative thought will never create a positive result. Therefore, it is safe to say that, "thought are things," based on their ability to create results or circumstances. It has been proven that thoughts are pure energy; based on what you are thinking, those thoughts can create positive or negative energy. Thoughts have the power to affect not only our lives, but they have the power to affect the people and events around us.

What you think has everything to do with the reality that you experience. By creating the right image or thought of what you want to achieve in your life, that thought or image has the power to create the appropriate circumstance or outcome that you wish to manifest.

But where do our thoughts come from you ask? Well, a simple answer would be that they come from our minds but the answer is not that simple. For most people, their present thoughts are based on their past paradigms. We come to know ourselves through our past experiences in life, which limits us from embracing the unlimited possibilities that exist in the moment. Sadly enough, what this means is that very few people are ever really living in the present because their thoughts emanate from their past experiences.

What's so bad about that you ask? Well, if your thoughts are based on your past paradigms and much of your past is based on childhood experiences of fear, anger, lack of love, security or confidence, which they are for many people, can you see how that reality would not be a positive or joyful one.

What I'm suggesting here is that your past paradigms color how an individual views their reality. People hold on to their past paradigms because it's what they know and are comfortable with; it's what they've grown up with in their life. Your past paradigms create a "negative safety net" for us; even a negative paradigm can create a sense of power in the thought patterns and behavior of an individual. What people need to realize and understand is this; "your past is not your future," or said in another manner "your past is not your present."

In order to create "a new beginning" for ourselves, we must first realize that we have the power to change our thoughts. It starts with changing your thoughts in the present. We must begin to truly live in the present and embrace the act of living, which is the present moment. In order for you to be present, you must learn to live life consciously; act as if everything that touches your life matters but as if nothing is so important, that it can invade your peace or power.

Be aware of what you're thinking, think thoughts that are positive and inspirational. The simplest way to become aware of your thoughts is to become a "witness" to what you're thinking and how you're behaving. Stop living what I call "a mechanical life." Once you develop the discipline of being aware of your thoughts, you will then become more aware of your behavior. Once you are more aware of your behavior, you will have more insight into your actions and results.

Change your thoughts and you change your behavior; change the behavior and you change the actions you take; change the actions and you change the results. In doing this, you recondition your belief system and create new positive paradigms. Another way to say it is "change the inside and you change the outside."

As you become more aware of your thoughts and who you are being in the moment, take the time and begin to develop a new self-image of yourself based on who you are and what you want for your life. This image will be created by the "True Self" not your past paradigms, ego or fears.

We can all create "A New Beginning" for ourselves, by simply changing our thoughts.

Copyright © 2008 Larry Agresto, Peak Performance Coaching
Larry Agresto is both the Founder and a Life & Success Coach at Peak Performance Coaching in Boston. Larry provides one-on-one coaching for clients based on his four Coaching Programs: Stepping Stones to Change, The Path to Change, The Journey and the Breakthrough Program. He also provides group coaching sessions and seminars to organizations and businesses.
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