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50 Examples of Personal Goals to Set in 2021

2020 was tough. We have prepared for you 50 goals for 2021 regarding personal and professional growth, work, and family. Keep reading to get inspiring for the year that has only started.

#1 Say Yes to Exercising 

Health is wealth, and completing a recommended exercise rate can reduce your risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, etc

#2 Improve Your Listening Skills

Listen more to let people know that their opinions really matter to you. Try being swift to listen but slow to talk.

#3 Speak Up to Increase Visibility

An example of a worthy goal to establish solid connections. An average guy in the crowd is not your role in 2021. 

#4 Improve Presentation / Public Speaking Skills

Research thoroughly and rehearse before the presentation to get a personal and professional boost. 

#5 Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Being less reactive to issues and trying to understand what hides behind people’s actions is a must-reach in 2021. 

#6 Start Networking

Networking is important for personal and career development. A few networking events would be enough to obtain new connections and fortify the old ones.

#7 Volunteer Regularly

Contribute to the welfare of the community and get pluses to Karma.

#8 Establish Healthy Sleep Regime

Fall asleep before midnight and get your sleep norm to get gratitude from your body and brain. Wake up by the first alarm.

#9 Learn One New Thing Every Week

Learning has no limits. Read a book, learn new vocabulary, listen to a podcast to exercise your brain. 

#10 Learn a Foreign Language

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world” Ludwig Wittgenstein. So why not break at least one limit in 2021?

#11 Overcome Social Media Addiction

Managing or beating a social media addiction will increase your productivity and lead to new achievements.

#12 Attend a College Alumni Reunion

Practice your networking skills and meet people who may inspire you. Connecting with the past is a valuable experience.

#13 Organize a Family Reunion

When pursuing your dreams don’t forget about people who’re waiting for you to call. 

#14 Clear All Outstanding Debts in 6 Months

A new year with old debts is not the best plan. Get rid of this stress in your life.

#15 Mind Your Mental Issues

There’s always something you have to share is a psychologist’s sofa. It’s time to start treating your mental welfare as seriously as physical.

#16 Let Go of the Past

Being haunted by the past keeps us from focusing on the present and makes us miss new opportunities.

#17 Travel Whenever You Can

Travel to seek more opportunities in life. This is the only experience worth every invested dollar. 

#18 Practice Compassion

Everyone is going through something. Realize it and be compassionate if you can.

#19 Practice Perseverance

Keep going regardless of the circumstances is an essential skill to acquire.

#20 Improve Your Time Management Skills

Time is the most valuable resource. Learn to manage it wisely.

#21 Learn New Skills

Your growth depends on the skills you acquire. Set your mind to it and let success guide you. 

#22 Be Grateful

Learn to be grateful for what you have and never be envious of your colleagues’ accomplishments. 

#23 Improve Your Body Language 

Your body may be more eloquent than your mouth. Never ignore the significance of this medium of communication

#24 More Healthy Eating Habits 

Lettuce and cereals may not be as delicious as a cheeseburger, but they definitely bring more benefits to your body. Let 2021 be the year of healthy eating. 

#25 Get Rid of Procrastination

Procrastination keeps you from achieving goals in life. Beat it before it beats you. 

#26 Set Personal Boundaries 

Learn to say no to people who interfere with your personal life. It’s about rational egoism, no need to be ashamed of it. 

#27 Limit Your Limitations 

It’s essential to strive to become a better version of yourself. Excessive limitations, however, won’t do you good.

#28 Strive for Financial Stability 

You can’t earn all the money in the world but financial stability is a key ingredient of content and satisfaction.

#29 Call Parents More Often 

Parents are the only people who love you with nothing in return. Let them know you care more than usual.

#30 Stay Offline One Day Per Week

Make a “me day” instead. Switch off and you’ll see how many opportunities you might miss.

#31 Do a Media Detox 

Social networks steal valuable time. Exclude or limit your online hours to achieve more in real life. 

#32 Drink More Water

Set a reminder to drink a cup of fresh still water and remember to maintain water balance. 

#33 Try a New Form of Exercise

Challenge yourself to try a new form of exercise and make it fun, not torture.

#34 Declutter Your Home

By decluttering, you can make your space more relaxing and reduce stress levels.

#35 Start a Capsule Wardrobe

A properly made capsule wardrobe will get you rid of the “nothing-to-wear” torture and help save time in the morning.

#36 Join a Legit Dating Site

2021 is a perfect time for a romantic affair. 

#37 Go au Natural

Get a break from hair styling to save time in the morning and get your hair to look healthier.

#38 Eliminate Bad Habits

It means more than alcohol. Say bye to the things that deprive your organism.

#39 Improve Your Communication Skills

Not only can it help you develop but also foster healthier relationships as well.

#40 Avoid Negativity in the Workplace

Never let gossip, rumors, or negative attitudes affect your productivity at work

#41 Be More Proactive

Once you set a goal, take action and motivate yourself to further achievement. 

#42 Volunteer for Leadership Roles

Even if you’ve never felt like a leader, get out of the comfort zone. When if not now?

#43 Learn to Manage Stress. Not with Alcohol.

Stress can become a major hindrance to growth as it wears us down and we start procrastinating.

#44 Make Fear Your Friend

Become a better version of yourself fighting the phobia that paralyzes you. 

#45 Learn to Control The Expenses

Write down the purchases you make in order to see what eats your budget bringing no value instead.

#46 Consume More Homemade Food 

It’ll save you a whole bunch of time, and you’re much more likely to make healthy choices.

#47 Stop Being Afraid to Look Silly

Self-irony is a sign of a healthy personality. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself or ask someone more competent for help.

#48 Learn the Art of Conflict Resolution

Resolving conflicts effectively will earn you more respect in your social circle.

#49 Quit Smoking 

It would never be perfect timing. So make today the right day to stop poisoning yourself.

#50 Love Yourself

It’s all about love and self-respect. Even if you don’t reach all the goals, don’t blame yourself, and always remember to cherish and pamper your inner child. 

About the author:

Sandra Manson is a passionate journalist who has been contributing to major media publications. She enjoys writing about human psychology and lifestyle, as well as the tech industry. Sandra also runs her blog where she covers topics of great interest in modern society.

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