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Difference Between World of Warcraft Classic and WoW: Battle for Azeroth

You may know that there are lots of differences between World of Warcraft Classic and World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. From professions to graphics and Player vs. Player, we’re offering you a comparison between the game’s first release and how it exists today.

World of Warcraft Classic serves as a server option for the highly popular MMORPG video game World of Warcraft. You would be amazed to know that the game is running alongside the main version, offering the revised version of the first expansion pack, The Burning Crusade. While on the other hand, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is considering as the 7th marvelous expansion pack for the main game, following the Legion and released in 2018. Upon comparing, we found both titles are released for the main release and introducing a variety of content to explore. We have prepared a guide for you to know what kind of similarities and differences are available between these two titles. For more cheap games, visit GameGator. Let’s get started!

Interface and Graphics

When you try to play WoW Classic, you find how speedily it works and you don’t need to wait longer like other MMORPGs. The main reason for its speed is that the game is using the low graphics so modern PCs have no issue while running the game. On another hand, WoW: Battle for Azeroth uses high-quality graphics which causes slow loading. If you’re ready to compromise on graphics, then the Classic version would be a great choice.

Since 15 years, the interface of the game is continuously increasing, while the available options have been improved with the arrival of recent expansion packs, but developers are trying to make them fully optimized so their accessibility will be facilitated into the game.

The major change comes to the epic quest system, making them absence on your World Map in World of Warcraft Classic than Battle for Azeroth. The main difference is that you can only read the challenging quest text and follow the instruction to approach that location.

Playable Character Classes

It would be tough to explore the differences between the Classic and BFA versions without addressing the subject of the gameplay’s speed. The gameplay of the Classic version is quite slower, even for the fastest character classes, while the gameplay of BFA is much faster than Classic, even when you make a change in GCD at the beginning of the game.

The second point we are going to discuss is about spell ranks and weapon skills. In WoW: BFA, you can learn your skills as you approach the high level, and you can try a new weapon without any issue. As compared to BFA, Classic introduces a different approach since each powerful spell needs to be learned from one of your chosen character class trainers. Each spell comes with rank, so you can reveal to learn Lunar Shine at level 4, after that, the second rank will be unlocked at level 10.

Classes and Combinations

You should know that in World of Warcraft Classic, the Shaman is a playable character by horde players, and similar to this, the Paladin will be its equivalent on the Alliance side. Furthermore, several mixtures of character classes and races are only possible in Battle for Azeroth, not in World of Warcraft Classic, including Dwarf Shaman, Troll Druid, Human Hunter, and Orc Mage.

Every Fight needs focus to Live

Every character class in BFA can fight against multiple mobs, meanwhile in an open world environment without damaging a sweat. However, most dungeons are spam fest, even for those who run at Mythic Plus difficulty. It proofs that it’s quite challenging to die in the retail game unless you are moving like a mythic-level raid. The content of BFA doesn’t pose a threat to your character who is leveling up.


In World of Warcraft Classic, approximately each character class is offering its unique personality and the player selects to specialize in the set if that class without avoiding the basic spells they have hardly learned. During the gameplay, the optimization of specializations will appear later and is not exactly what we know it today. Some specializations in World of Warcraft Classic are unplayable, Paladin Redemption or Balance Druid, while nowadays classes have their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Gameplay and Social Elements

The two most prominent changes between BFA and Classic are here. Although both titles have the same in-game currency known as World of Warcraft Gold, there are lots of differences, from gameplay to social aspects. Gameplay has discussed above, with the gameplay speed and more. Social element sees Classic and Battle for Azeroth seem different games. Not only Battle for Azeroth has a variety of ways to connect with buddies, but it also eliminated social aspects of the game with the LFG system, with the introduction of a group of players not having enough features to make interaction with each other.

Leveling System

Another major change (Leveling System) becomes apparent when you first sign in your World of Warcraft Classic account. While Battle for Azeroth provides you with a relatively fast-paced experience, it is quite against the Classic since it is a truly challenging journey that awaits you. Depending on the selected character class, leveling system will be something you search, including warriors, some specifications were made for leveling in the World of Warcraft Classic.

Farming, Gold, Pets, and Mounts

The most prominent thing that lots of players forget is the difficulty of earning BFA World of Warcraft Gold. While there are some ways to earn gold, but it’s a time consuming and slow process. Everyone knows that gold is hard to obtain without any high-level items. Therefore, players can save money to purchase their riding skills and first mount, after approaching level 40 that costs them around 100 gold. You will need to wait a bit longer than expected to have the riding levels. With over 40% speed achieving at level 40 in Classic and the 100% riding left till level 60. So farming gold is difficult in both titles.

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