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World of Mazes: Chapter 1 Review: A Wonderful Puzzle Adventure Game With a Real Story to Follow

World of Mazes

Developed by RiseAngle Inc, World of Mazes is a new interesting maze game that combines otherworldly encounters with strange mazes. Players go through an extensive number of planets, meeting new creatures, making allies, and exploring. Every single planet that the player travels to has a different maze, each with their own creatures, quests, and other entities to explore. The story begins to unravel as you play through the game, each choice you make in the game will be vital to what happens next.

World of Mazes attempts to use virtual reality as a tool to improve upon the immersive aspect of storytelling. With the use of virtual reality, players are able to interact with the game on a different level, it makes you seem as if you’re actually transported into the World of Mazes and are playing as a character in the game. The game is filled with a bunch of different quirky aspects, and makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger. The game gives you purpose and choice, this is heavily important when dealing with games that rely on their story. The story makes you feel like you’re actually a part of the game, instead of a set path that everyone experiences.

The Creator

Kaveh Vahdat, the founder of RiseAngle Inc, has gone through a plethora of games in his lifetimes. Games that bring upon a multitude of different emotions. Vahdat had a vision for video games, a game that has immaculate gameplay yet ties in with the concept of morality as well.

World of Mazes allows players to face the concept of morality, all while being immersed in virtual reality. Virtual reality makes everything feel more alive and connected, having a game that deals with morals in virtual reality is a daunting concept that is being tackled through World of Mazes.

World of Mazes

Enter Chapter 1

Chapter one starts in the Aztyle Maze, players meet a servant of Princess Maya, named Gelayon. A character named Evil Kilo has trapped Gelayon in the Azytle Maze and has kidnapped Princess Maya, keeping her location unknown. You, the player, must help Gelayon and will be exposed to teleportation orb fragments that will help in the maze.

Players also meet Ayla, a female warrior merchant, and Procket, an irate prophet. In the first chapter, players are also subject to multiple puzzles involving gathering items, collecting ancient coins, exploring the map, and finding paths. See the Chapter 1’s game trailer here!

Right now, the game is only available to play on Oculus Go, but based on the announcements on the RiseAngle website, it seems they are bringing the game to other devices, including a Non-VR version to mobile devices, and the VR version to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Oculus Quest.

While the game doesn’t sport many chapters yet, chapter 1 still provides lots of content. If you’re looking for a game that’s filled with puzzles, emotion, and memorable characters World of Mazes chapter 1 has what you’re looking for. The first chapter has interesting puzzles to solve, and mysteries and places to find out and explore. World of Mazes is a new genre of game that deals with traditional gameplay as well as concepts that aren’t as prominent in most video games. It’s a game with a purposeful story, a story that’s affected by the choices of the player.

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