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Wolves and Humans – Top 3 Stories of All Time

The bond and the fight. The scare of the beast and the beauty of the wild. There are so many stories of wolf and man in so many aspects that the theme is indeed perpetual. It seems like most wolves are presented to be enemies of humans. But we can also find many examples of a much different type of relationship, where the man and the wild animal might respect each other and even become friends.

We know about the wolves in the fairytales. They are all bad regardless of whether we mean the Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs, or the Seven Little Goats. Yet, in some stories, the beast is the man's best friend. It might even turn out that the wolfpack becomes a family - we find such an example in the Jungle Book and the famous story of Mowgli.

Picking out some of the top wolf and man stories is a challenge. Here are some of the tales we can help but mention:

  • White Fang. One of the most renowned of Jack London's books goes by that title. The novel is written from the animal's viewpoint, which is wild initially but later becomes domesticated. The story was adapted in many movies and games.
  • Game of Thrones. All fans of the Westeros series know the importance of the wolves in the script. One might say that dragons are the most important creatures of the TV show. While it is hard to argue with Daenerys Targaryen, dire wolves of the North are also quite unusual beasts and no less significant.
  • Werewolf. The man turns into a beast and then goes back as a human. The werewolf myth is persistent throughout the centuries, and dozens of tales are dedicated to the theme. Maybe the most famous of those legends tells the story of the wealthy German farmer Peter Stubbe.

Many other wolves deserve honorable mention. Why not Balto, or Greycub, or Two Socks from Dances with Wolves. Stories of wild dogs and humans living along or confronting each other always bring something special.

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