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Tips to Win Like a Pro in Hunt Showdown

Hunt showdown is a competitive first-person shooter game about bounty hunting, set in the darkest times of the world. Packed with thrill and excitement where bounty hunters hunt gruesome beasts and to survive. The game seems to be played at high-stakes due to the high-tension and unpredictable nature of the game content.

The hunt showdown can be a difficult ride for the new players. The new mechanics with heavy PvE elements has taken the player's experience to a whole new level especially if someone is playing for the first time. Even the players who are good at Hunt will have a difficult time, you need to get Hunt Showdown hacks by lavicheats.

In this article, some advanced l tips are given for the players to gear up to become the best and feared hunter of the Hunt showdown game.

Be objective

If you have a clear aim set before you step into the swamp can give you a winning edge in the game. You don’t have to be pliable and easily conform to the situations all the time. Although adjusting and playing according to the situations is crucial, to have a firm understanding and knowledge about what you have to look for is important to make sure that you don’t stray from your goal.

Plan if you are looking for the clues, and try to gain as much of the experience you can. Get the right equipment if you are trying to ambush a target. The game is set to win for those who jump in with everything set in their minds in order to maintain some level of success.


Patience in any game is a key element to your survival in any game but in Hunt it is something you must have to stay alive as many hunters rush around the map to grab clues and to target and hunt down the Bounty quickly. The trick is to be patient, set an ambush around your target and then wait for them to deliver what you aim for, let them do all the physical work.

Use monsters to your advantage

There are several monsters in the Hunt, and each monster is made of different mechanics and acts differently. It is not always helpful to take down every monster, you don’t have to. There are monsters who are beneficial to give you opportunities to catch your enemies easily through the noises and audio cue, and can be used as a trap to catch the Bounty. It is sometimes important in a situation where you are hunting down a Bounty target, make winning a breeze with the hunt showdown hacks to be an ultimate predator.

Equipment and tools make the difference

Better use of equipment and tools makes a difference especially when the two hunters are equally skilled and have the same level of knowledge and experience of the game. Using guns all the time is not going to help the hunters throughout the game, instead make good use of the options available in the game, because using guns is not the solution to every problem faced in the game.

The game can be won by the players with some real experience. There are so many equipment such as poison bombs, grenades, noisemakers that if used wisely can be paramount in making the player the best Hunter of the Hunt Showdown.

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