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After Playing Pocket7Games,
Why I Stop Playing Skillz Games


The problem is no longer “Can I play Skillz or Pocket7Games?" but rather than this, it's only a question of "How much can I enjoy Pocket7Games until I have to go to a job?"

I've only been enjoying Pocket7Games for a few weeks, but I didn't imagine how many hours I used to spend trying to improve my rank on Skillz. I was very close to getting a Black Tier coin — I mean, I was constantly playing Skillz — but then someone recommended me to play the games at Pocket7Games and informed me it was a great way to earn some extra cash.

I created an account using their promo link and received some Deposit Bonus prize right away (on the Facebook page of Pocket7Games, you'll find a referral code each time you want to have one to join it). I had zero idea that it would be the first of several incentives I'd get there. These bonuses and rewards offered by Pocket7Games prove very beneficial for me.

I entered the referral code and built a profile after installing the application.

I suddenly remembered that I had a free Lucky Package waiting for me. The only thingI need to do was open that box, and tada! Tickets are completely free of cost! After this, I won the first reward from my 7-Day-Login chart that meant I instantly received 1,000 tickets for free. Then I remembered that I had 2 Spin Coins to use on the wheel of Fortuity, so I decided to give it a try. Just like that, I turned and earned 1,000 additional Tickets! It takes less than a minute to win nearly 3 thousand tickets. This was the time when I realized Pocket7Games was the best actual cash casino game out there.

I was really a long way far from returning to Skillz at that stage. I've never appreciated how many skill games just permit you to compete for digital currency, and I was pleased to discover that Pocket7Games does not just allow you to conveniently withdraw the money you earned from real money play, but it also has a Tickets Shop with a number of awesome rewards. You could also exchange your Tickets for Cashback Rewards; you can use these cash rewards to play and win money games, making it an easy thing for anyone aiming to win a lot of money.

Another advantage of Pocket7Games over Skillz is that transactions are much safer and comes with a slew of free bonuses. Although Skillz often wanted me to invest at random and then make it each day, Pocket7Games rewarded me for simply depositing, which implies that I suddenly got Tickets, Gems, Bonus Money, and real money at my fingertips. Also, I like how Pocket7Games is an actual cash casino with a fun atmosphere.

For instance, on my initial deposit, I received 150 Gems that I used to join competitions such as the Lucky Card activity. I started drawing better Lucky Cards after earning additional Gems by performing a few other talent games. On Skillz, I'd never seen such flexible, benefiting gameplay before.

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