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What Payments Can I Use for Online Bingo?

Online bingo has proven to be incredibly popular, it takes the best things about bingo and the internet and mixes them together to create a fun and exciting experience for all. Paying for online bingo is one of the most unique things about it - try and play Slingo Riches slots. Gone are the days where people needed cash to pay for everything, thanks to online banking there are a whole host of different ways in which people can pay to use online bingo.

Cards (Visa/Mastercard) 

The most common and popular payment for online bingo, using cards such as visa and mastercard is the default means of online payment for most players. Visa and Mastercard have been around for many years now and both have built up a reputation as being safe, fast and secure in their online payments. Most of the time, when you sign up to a bingo site they will ask you to enter your card details to complete the registration process, this means that the site will already have your details ready when the time comes to pay. While they are similar to Visa, Matercard are actually a cashless banking company.


Another incredibly popular payment method, paypal is used by many people for a variety of different things. It has actually been around since the late nineties and has slowly become an incredibly popular online payment method, it’s probably most well known for being used prominently by ebay. A big benefit that comes from using paypal is that you don’t have to enter your private card details to pay, instead your paypal account will simply sync up with your bingo account, letting you make seamless transactions.

Bank Transfer 

Some people prefer using straight up bank transfer as a payment method. Although this payment method is certainly not the fastest, it is perhaps the best way to ensure that payments are made out of your account. A big drawback that players will encounter if they wish to use bank transfer is that they actually process can take a long time, with some banks taking a few days to process payments. Nevertheless, online bingo sites still offer bank transfers as a perfectly viable payment option.

Pay By Phone Bill 

This payment method is ideal for players who have a hard time limiting themselves and find it difficult to be a responsible gambler. The pay by phone bill payment method essentially lets players make deposits into their online bingo account through their phone bill. This is incredibly efficient and lets players access their new funds in a matter of seconds. It is also very secure, allowing players to avoid entering their person card details which could be stolen by hackers. The biggest downside is the low amount that you can deposit, only thirty pounds a day. However if you have a difficult time controlling yourself, this is actually an advantage.


There are many payment methods which can be used when playing online bingo. Using Visa and Mastercards are always a safe option but if you are a player who feels the need to limit your expenses a pay by phone bill payment method could be ideal for you.

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