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What is the Hardest Addiction?


Addiction is among the greatest problems affecting people and it has been there for a whirl to date. Addiction also ranges from a number of activities to a number of substances which people greatly abuse. Drug abuse is among the hardest addictions to kick. I have elaborated on the top addictions which are hard to kick out to most of the people around. 

They range from a process addiction, for example, overspending time on the internet, addiction to food and the addiction to gambling as well as other adverse forms of addiction like the drug and substance abuse.


This is the number one addiction in the United States with an estimate of about 30% of the Americans who are already addicts. Apart from the US, alcohol has been known to be having a damaging effect on the behaviour of many persons. This is because of the adverse effect the substance has on the brain. This shows that when alcohol is abused, the ethanol substance within it causes a number of chemical reactions in the brains. 

The reactions change and eventually affect the normal operations of the brain thereby causing a number of damages. The chemical in the brain causes reactions which could affect the way the brain functions.


Drugs are known to be one of the worst abused substances across the globe. A good example is the prescription drugs sold over the counter, many of the Americans use these types of drugs for a variety of reasons. Some of the drugs make you high and one feels nice not knowing he is getting addicted to the drug whirl others use them to create a sense of well-being. 

Apart from the over the counter drugs, we also have substances like the heroin which is the hardest for one to withdraw. Recent statistics have shown a high rate of dependency on the painkiller among Americans and other people from different parts of the world.


Gambling is yet another nut to crack when it comes to the rate of addiction among people of the world. Most of the gambling addiction is experienced in European countries where compulsive gambling and slots that don’t use Gamstop is becoming a real threat. People have been seen withdrawing their cash yo zero or even go further to gamble on credit. This shows how addiction has destroyed the gambling traditions which have been there for a whirl. 

This came to be too much until several laws have been structured to reduce the effect on societal development together with application software that can be used by the gambler to restrict or activate the self-exclusion mode that restrains the punter from receiving further gambling material.


This is one of the worst addictions ever as it is narrowing down to small boys and girls who might not be aware of the adverse effects smoking cigarettes could have on their health. It has also been identified as one of the greatest addictions to kick so far. Nicotine has had some adverse effects on our health systems but this together with a number of numerous laws and awareness campaigns have been ignored by many of the Americans who are seen struggling with these smoke. 

The level of addiction in nicotine is almost the same as the addiction found in heroin meaning it might be among the hardest substances to kick from addiction circles. The adverse withdrawal symptoms will immediately occur when you restrain the brain from receiving the nicotine for some substantial period of time.


Addiction is one of the greatest problems that require self-mitigation measures for you to evade the wrath of its effects. This is because there is no specific medicine for addiction unless you impose some self-discipline in you to control the addiction.

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