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5 Ways to Be a Smart Gambler

The smart gambler always wins. This statement is true for every facet of the gambling industry. Only the smart gambler emerges from games victorious. Good gamblers know that the first step to winning is finding the right gambling site to work with. 

Who is a Smart Gambler and Dumb Gambler?

A smart gambler is someone knowledgeable about the games they play. They have good strategies that improve their winning odds. A smart gambler is by nature calculative, knows when to pull out, and doesn’t rely on emotions.

The term ‘smart gambler’ won’t be a thing if dumb gamblers didn’t exist. The dumb gamblers are those who don’t know much about the way the games and casinos work. It gets worse, instead of seeking help, they bank on their luck. Their playstyle is similar to dashing casinos money. Dumb gamblers get emotionally attached to their games.

By simply learning about the rules and some strategies in your preferred game, you automatically are smarter than the majority of players. 

5 Tips to Becoming a Smarter Gambler

If you find yourself making dumb gambling decisions, these tips are for you. With these five tips, you will cross from a dumb gambler to a smart one. There is a caveat though, knowing them is not enough, you must use them or they won’t work.

1. Use Reputable Providers

The provider of gambling games matter. In today’s world, most gambling activities happen online. If you do a google search for gambling providers for your favorite game such as poker, you will find thousands of results. 

Not all online gambling providers out there are favorable for you. There are many gaming providers out there that are set against you.

Other hot trends that you can take advantage of and should be wary are bonuses and promotions. These bonuses are mouthwatering but it shouldn’t distract you from checking out their conditions and requirements, especially when it comes to withdrawing your winnings.

2. Set a Limit

Smart gamblers always have a gambling limit. It’s the most obvious and easiest tip to becoming a smart gambler, but unfortunately, many people do not set or adhere to their limit. Once you cannot control your gambling, it crosses over from a fun way to making money to an addiction.

While I cannot set a fixed gambling limit for you, I can offer some advice to help you set it on your own. The acceptable gambling limit is setting it to what is convenient for you to lose. The smart gambler knows gambling is a risk and only plays with what he or she can afford to lose. Once you reach your limit, it is time to walk away. 

Setting a limit doesn’t only apply to money, it also applies to how long you can play. Your time is more valuable than your money. Avoid spending the whole day gambling. Time races twice as fast when you are playing your favorite online casino games. 

3. Don’t Fall for Baits

Online casinos tend to make games that favor the house more juicer and attractive to entice gamblers to play. These games such as progressive jackpots are stake in favor of the online casinos, and your odds of winning are very slim. These games have high rewards but they are also extremely difficult to win.

Instead of putting in your money in a game where the odds are against you, try games with lesser results and more chances of winning. You can still play those risker games and try your luck for higher rewards, but make sure it’s only a small percentage of your gambling funds and time you spend on it.

4. Never Chase Wins

Dumb gamblers when they get ‘lucky’ and enjoy a spell of wins, they think the odds are in their favor and keep playing. What happens is that they start losing and then put in more funds to chase their losses and end up losing a lot. 

Chasing wins will put in more trouble than good. Instead, when you record winnings, set aside a profit sum (if you still want to continue) and use only a portion to keep playing for more wins.

When you are losing repeatedly, that may be a good time to rest and continue later. Don’t let your losses tempt you to gamble above your limits. 

5. Learn When to Walk Away

Sometimes no matter how solid your strategies are, you will experience bad days at the office. Learn to walk away when you accumulate losses. It may not be your strategy at fault, sometimes it’s just not your day.

Walking away may seem like a cowardly move but it is a wise decision. Ask any professional gambler for advising and you will hear this same tip.


These five ways to be Wiser Gamblers will help you make gambling a profitable side or full-time hustle. In addition to the above tips, you have to learn the gameplay, study the odds, and learn strategies.

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