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Video games to play if you liked The Last of Us series

HBO's 'The Last of Us' television series is a new icon of video game adaptations. The series is meticulously handed down by HBO Max from the phenomenal original Sony PlayStation game like here made by Naughty Dog studious while also exploring its post-apocalyptic universe in new, exciting, and somewhat horrific ways.


Story takes place in a world that has been ravaged by a fungal brain infection, or simply presented a zombie virus, that has turned most of the population into wild inhuman cannibals. Story protagonist Joel, being a smuggler, is tasked with escorting the bold and mysterious teenager Ellie across the US.

The Last of Us


A journey they embark on is both fascinating and terrifying, and is made all the more compelling by the performances of Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. Pascal, who previously starred in Game of Thrones, gives a nuanced performance that captures the pain, decisiveness, and hint of whimsy that defines Joel's character. Meanwhile, Ramsey brings a sense of wonder and defiance to Ellie that makes her an electric presence on the screen.


The show's world is one that is full of history and atmosphere. First, we see society crumble in the early days of the outbreak, and then we see a world where survivors live in isolated areas of arbitrary quarantine run by remnants of the United States Army summary.

This world is further brought to life by the infected, who are used sparingly but are just as dangerous as they were in the game. Additionally, the flashbacks that are interspersed throughout the early episodes give a deeper understanding of the outbreak's origins and help to ground newcomers to the world.

Selling point

One of the standout features of the show is its ability to balance moments of horror and levity. Ellie, in particular, provides moments of hope and laughter that are a welcome contrast to the bleakness of the world they inhabit.

However, the series also has a few unexpected twists to tell more stand-alone stories that show how the characters find a place for affection and bliss in a world full of horror.

An example of such a story is about the gruff survivor Bill who is anchored by an outstanding performance from Nick Offerman. Another focuses on a formative moment in Ellie's past and is made all the more engaging by Ramsey's dynamic performance.

More features

The show also features some clever additions that enhance the story, including new characters and previously unseen moments that will be sure to shock and awe fans of the game.

Melanie Lynskey gives a quietly menacing performance as the villain Kathleen, while Scott Shepherd delivers a charismatic performance as a villain that gamers will remember.

Meanwhile, Gustavo Santaolalla's score adds a sense of sadness and yearning to the narrative, and a few upbeat and fast-paced tracks serve as reminders of the world that came before. It’s only natural that the series gives the same vibes as the game since the composer remained the same.

The Last of Us

Same settings games

For those who haven’t played the masterpiece original game by Naughty Dog under the leadership of Neil Druckmann the show might become a great entry point to this outstanding universe.

But if you’ve already accompanied Joel and Ellie on their journey and want to dive again into the virtual world of a zombie apocalypse and experience the same thrill and put not your life on the line, like the characters of The Last of Us, but your hard earned money, there are plenty of games waiting for you.

  1. Zombie Land. This game is set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and features symbols such as weapons, vehicles, and survivors.
  2. Undead Rich. In this game, players spin the reels to collect resources and take down zombies to earn big payouts. The symbols feature items such as crossbows, chainsaws, and brains.
  3. Zombie Outbreak. Players are transported to a world overrun by zombies where they must spin the reels to win big and survive the horde. The symbols include items such as medical kits, ammo, and brains (which are wilds).
  4. Zombie Rush. This one is set in a city overrun by zombies where players must use their wits and luck to survive and win big. The symbols feature items such as weapons, first aid kits, and zombie's heads.

Be sure to try any of these games if you want some thrills. After all, online casinos are not zombies, they won't hurt you, especially if you approach them wisely and play responsibly. Have a great time gambling!


In conclusion, HBO's "The Last of Us" is a remarkable and involving tale from one of the most intense and engaging narratives to be found in games, revealing something in addition for those who have played the games and completely new magnificent story for those who haven’t. The casting is flawless, the writing is excellent, and the performances are outstanding.

Fans of the game will be thrilled to see that the adaptation remains largely true to the events of the original, but also features clever additions that enhance the story. With its combination of emotional depth, thrilling action, and haunting atmosphere, HBO's The Last of Us is a triumph of video game adaptations and sets a new gold standard for the genre.

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