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Are Video Games Good For You?
Why Games are Beneficial for Brain and Body?

video games

Most people see games as a complete waste of time. Some often imagine that people who sit in front of their computers playing video games are lazy. They didn't realize that many games out there require persistence, problem-solving skills, strategy, and quick decision-making capabilities to win. Sometimes players may even need extra help, like using Battlelog cheats before they can win a game. 

According to researchers, video games play a huge part in the development of human memory. So, if you’re wondering what gamers get out of the many hours of playing, this article is for you. We have some critical reasons why games are beneficial for brain and body development.

Check them below. 

Benefits of Video Games to the Brain and Body 

  • Video games stimulate the brain.

Video games require strategy and skills. While trying to understand the mechanics and gameplay, players stimulate their brains. By playing these games regularly, you may be increasing your brain’s grey matter and thereby boosting your brain functions. Here is one option, chaos orbs.

Grey matter is an integral part of your central nervous system that helps you control your movement, emotions, decision-making, speech, and memory. So, stimulating your brain through the mental exercise that characterizes many video games helps to increase your grey matter.

  • They improve hand-eye coordination.

Many video games require the player to control a particular character to behave and react in a specific way. While continuously reacting speedily to the events and actions of other players, gamers improve their eye-hand coordination. 

According to a study involving surgeons, researchers discovered that gamers had better hand-eye coordination than non-gamers. This group of surgeons that plays video games was faster with their hands than the others. 

Video game players use both their eyes and hands at the same time to achieve the positive outcome they want. That's why eye-hand coordination becomes a huge part of their abilities. 

  • Games enhance your problem-solving abilities.

Video games are often designed to be challenging and tasking for players. While trying to win the enemies as a team or as solo players, gamers often solve many problems. Sometimes it could be to avoid confrontations, achieve an objective, overcome an enemy or even save their characters from risky situations. In all these events, players must exercise their problem-solving skills to the fullest. Also, people who are not that good at this skill discover that they get better with time after facing so many dire situations and overcoming them. 

Applying such problem-solving skills to real-life situations can be very beneficial. 

  • Exercise games promote fitness. 

Many exercise-based games help players to enhance their body fitness. For example, some games require players to stand up and do some routine exercises. These Exergames can sometimes be dance routines or other fitness games that help people exercise with ease. 

Many people can now swap their gym time for the in-house routine through the exercise game. Knowing the numerous benefits of exercising to our body, we can say that Exergames benefits our body a lot. 

  • Video games help in character development. 

Many games are team-based and require a lot of cooperation and interactions with other players to win. With these games, players learn how to work together with others in oneness, agreement, and harmony. 

Some games also require persistence, sharing, and patience to win. All these attributes help players to develop well-rounded characters in real life. 

  • Games promote mental health.

Many players use video games to boost their moods. Others rely on these games to relieve stress. Since a bad mood can affect your mental health negatively, games can help you reduce it. When you play and win games as a solo player or even with a team, the joy of winning often helps you to forget a bad day. 

When you’re lost in a game map trying to achieve an objective or trying to overcome an enemy, you will not have the time to remember your stress triggers. Also, with a relaxed and happier mindset, you can come up with actionable solutions to your problems. 

  • Video games enhance multi-tasking abilities. 

When you’re playing games such as Escape from Tarkov, PUBG, etc., you must be good at multi-tasking to win. You'll need to loot, defend yourself from enemies, focus on an objective, and try very hard to win. These games require that you do many things at the same time to win.

 As you constantly multi-task in these games and become successful in them, you’ll be surprised that the effect will improve your real-life actions too. 

  • Games improve your learning speed.

Every game has unique gameplay that you must first understand before playing. Also, there are different characters, ammo, instruments, items, maps, spawn points, extraction points, and all other game features that you must learn very fast. 


Video games can contribute to both body and mind development. As you use every strategy and knowledge to win your game, you're indirectly nurturing your brain. Also, Exergames helps to keep players fit. 

So, if you've thought that video games are not worth the time, please change that thought.

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