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The Different Slot Machines Worth Knowing

Slot machines are by no means a new invention. Also known as fruit machines in many parts of the world, these machines have become one of the modern world’s leading pastimes, although the majority of players tend to prefer online offerings over their physical counterparts.

The very first gambling machine of its type was created in the early 1890s, and was the progenitor to the slot machine that we know today. It made use of spinning drums with 50 card faces, which were largely based on the cards from poker. The machine proved to be an instant success at the time, especially in bars around the Brooklyn area of New York, where players could insert a nickel and potentially win a free beer or other small prizes. From there, the game continued to grow in popularity, and would branch out into the many different types that we have available today.

Multiplier Machines

The early slot machines mentioned earlier were not able to accept more than a single coin at a time. This would change in the late 1980s, when a multiplier machine was introduced and quickly became the standard in casinos. Not only are multiplier machines capable of accepting more than one coin, but they also base all winnings proportionately on the combination that the player receives and use more advanced random number generation.

Multiplier machines are extremely common in most of today’s casinos, while it is sometimes still possible to find single-coin machines every now and again. These are also almost always video slot machines because they no longer rely on physical mechanisms within the machine to work. Instead, they consist of computers with special software that gives players a fair chance of playing, along with a number of other features.

Online Slots

These are the slots that most people are probably familiar with, as they are offered in the thousands online. These have become the most common way for players to enjoy the game, and since they can be played completely from a computer or mobile device, it has made slots more convenient for the average player.

Consider that you can download an online slot with virtually any kind of gameplay imaginable onto your device of choice, and be able to play it wherever you are and whenever you want; whether it’s a free slots game or a few rounds of real money pokies.

Progressive Slot Machines

Progressive slots can include both physical and online machines. Here, multiple machines are linked together to a single jackpot, and as long as you’re playing at the correct slots, you stand a chance of winning all of the money that’s sitting in the prize pool.

Progressive jackpot slots have become one of the most popular ways of earning seriously big money - it can sometimes be in the millions for progressive jackpot systems that have thousands of people playing at a single time. Always double check that the slot you want to play is actually progressive and how big its connected prize pool is.

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