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A Guide With Tricks and Strategy for
Roulette for Beginners

Roulette for Beginners

What is roulette? - Roulette Guide for beginners

Roulette is one of the most classic games in the casino, and of course, it has been in the online casinos for decades that legally offer their services, like casino. Great personalities have played, from fictional characters like James Bond to the epic writer Fyodor Dostoevsky. Even the masterpiece "The Gambler" has been written for this unique game that captivates the players who swirl along with the white ball. The immediacy, the speed, the simplicity, and the luck that determines the result make roulette one of the most exciting and adrenaline-filled games in an online casino.

In this ideal guide, you will learn how to play roulette and how to bet. We’ll show you smart strategies and tricks.

As a beginner, here’s how to play roulette

The answer is simple. The rules in roulette are easy to learn and will only take a few minutes to understand. There are 37 numbers on the wheel (from 0 to 37). 18 of them are black, and the other 18 are red, and zero is green. Place your chips on the number on which you think the ball will land and wait and see. 


The rules for playing roulette are very simple, and all you need to do is:

  • You choose your bet.
  • The dealer throws the ball.
  • Bets are allowed as the white goddess spins.
  • Shortly before the ball lands, the dealer announces that they are not accepting any more bets.
  • The ball lands.
  • Depending on the number it stopped on, you win or lose.

Roulette variations - How many and what types of roulette are there?

There are three most popular variations of roulette. The first and most popular variant is the European roulette, with its rake at 2.7%. The French with en prison and la partage, where these are available, throw the rake even at 1.35% in a very attractive choice. Both have 37 numbers on the wheel, i.e., from 1 to 36 and 0 once.

Where there is a noticeable difference is in the American version, which is very popular, although it shouldn't be. The reason is that it pays at the same odds as the other two but has a larger number on the wheel and has to do with 00 (i.e., double zero, i.e., 0 twice). This automatically means that the rake
goes up to 5.40%, so the player has a significant disadvantage against the bank compared to the other two in the long run.

Internal - External bets

The types of roulette bets are divided into internal and external bets.Internals are about betting on one or more numbers. They are bets with very high odds but also clearly more difficult to verify. External bets reflect grouped bets, such as red/black, small/large, 12s, and the like.

What are the Internal Bets on Roulette?

  • The Straight Up or En Plein, or more simply betting on a number, for example, you put 10 euros to get 5 and 5!
  • Split Bet or A Cheval or bet on two numbers together. In other words, place the chips exactly on the line that separates the two numbers.
  • The street bet, or three number bet, also called the "side bet," or The trio. Bet on three numbers. To achieve this, you place the chip on the edge of the board, on the line that separates a number from the outside, so you are considered to have bet on all three numbers on that line.
  • The corner of the square or the four-number bet or Carre. Bet on
    four numbers—on the line that joins four numbers.
  • Five Number Bet or Beast or Monster (only available on US roulette
    including 00).
  • Six number bet or The line bet or six-line bet, also known as Sixain. Bet on six.

What are the External bets on roulette?

As a beginner, you will immediately see that the roulette board, the felt, has separate and special sections for outdoor bets in which you place your chips to declare that this is your bet. In contrast to the interiors, you have to create the bet by putting the brand in the appropriate places, as we explained above. More specifically:

  • The column bet or Colonne. Bet on one of three columns.
  • The dozens bet or Douzaine. Bet on 12 teams.
  • The odd or even bet or Impair et Pair. Single/even bet.
  • High or low bet or Passe et Manque. Bet on small/large.
  • Red or black bet or Rouge et Noir. Bet on red/black.

How to play roulette at an online casino

The best way for a beginner to start playing roulette is from home. Today, many online casinos provide you with the best roulette experience 24 hours a day!

Roulette in the online casino is played with an RNG function. In other words, it works just like in the slot machines. You’re playing against the random number generator. The results are transparent, as long as, of course, you play in one of the legal online casinos. Software companies that make online roulette games, provide different variations with differences in minimum and maximum bets, so you can choose the one that suits you best, depending on your capabilities and your profit expectation.

Online Live Casino and Roulette

Here the experience really takes off. By playing roulette at an online live casino, you can play against a real dealer. This is located in a real, specially designed casino space, and you play in real-time! This is how the comfort of your home is combined with the atmosphere of a real casino. The rake remains at the same level as the RNG mode, but the game is clearly more realistic and interactive. And here, there are also many variations, with Evolution being the leading online casino provider for live roulette.

How to win at roulette - strategies, and tricks

Luck determines the result—only luck. However, there are some ways and strategies to increase your chances of combining fun and profit. Here are the most well-known and basic tricks to win as much as possible in roulette as a beginner.

  • Determine the time you will spend at the table. Do not play endlessly.
  • Define the money you will spend, but also your maximum goal. As soon
    as one or the other happens, leave the table.
  • Don't play with emotion. Gambling requires calm and a clear
    mind. Don't get excited, and do not get frustrated easily.
  • Remember. Each spin is independent of the previous one, however
    the statistics play their part.
  • Don't consume alcohol while gambling.
  • Read and experiment with the Martingale, Labouchere D' Alembert and Fibonacci theories, as well as their variants.
  • At an online casino, you can play on a trial basis, so apply what
    you have in mind with virtual money and learn their table rules better.

Why play online roulette

The advantages of online over landline roulette are many:

  • No time and travel costs are required
  • There’s always a place available
  • 24-hour coverage
  • Multiple variations
  • Offers
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