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Top Rarest Vacancies:
How to Catch the Opportunity?

What if you could choose a rare but exciting job and earn big with it? It may sound a bit unrealistic but you won’t deny that the idea is really cool. Every person dreams of a job that is both profitable and satisfying. And here we will observe the careers that are not just fun but also bring handsome money. So, let’s go.

Traveling Poker Dealer

If you have ever plaid in a casino, you probably know what poker dealers do. But the profession we will talk about requires more than that.

Traveling poker dealers carry the same responsibilities as those in traditional land-based casinos. They distribute cards and chips, control gaming sessions, and ensure that every player sticks to the rules. However, there’s one difference. Traveling dealers work on cruise ships or in online casinos. Their compensation can reach up to $35-$45 per hour. Isn’t it a great way to make profits from poker? But of course, there are some things to bear in mind before entering the sphere of gambling.

As a poker dealer, you need to know all variations of the game, learn to read the bets and poker hands, and be able to monitor players’ actions. And surely, you have to adore poker games as their sessions can last very long. Practically, to become a professional poker dealer you will need to get formal qualifications in a dealer school. But the casino companies may train you on-site. You need to have the following skills at the very least:

  1. To have math in your head;
  2. To be patient;
  3. To be sociable;
  4. To be attentive to details.

Golf Ball Finders

Here is another rare but in-demand job that is offered by some companies.

You may not know but according to Cronkite News, 300 million golf balls are reported to be lost or wasted every year. And as they state, it may take up to 1000 years for these balls to decompose. This essentially poses a huge environmental threat. That’s why a new job was born. It requires people to locate these balls and bring them back to the stores. On average, golf ball finders earn from 25 to 35 dollars per hour.

There are also golf ball divers. They pursue the same goal, but look for balls underwater. It’s not that easy to become a golf ball diver. You should be 18 years old and have permission for scuba diving. Getting a certificate requires up to 200 hours of diving experience. The certificate can be acquired from the scuba diving programs, certification courses, or training schools.

Professional Cuddlers

You may be perplexed, but yeah, such an unusual vacancy exists. Still, you can’t deny that there are times when you feel so lonely. And no one’s there to cheer you up, support, and give a few calming hugs… Luckily, this is where a professional cuddler can help. Every time when you’re sad and no one knows about it, you can hire a cuddler who will come to your home and keep you company.

Usually, cuddlers earn from 45 to 60 dollars per hour but their wage rate may depend on the payment plan. So before you can employ their services, you will be required to sign a legal agreement where you need to discuss your needs as a client, as well as what you’re allowed to do.

This may seem strange but cuddler services are really popular nowadays. Besides, they are believed to have a huge therapeutic effect. As one of the professional cuddlers states, the main goal is to provide people with a safe space and let them feel comfortable, relaxed, respected, and accepted.

Line Fillers

And here’s one more interesting and really necessary profession — line fillers.

It’s a well-known fact that everyone hates to stand in line. But there can be cases when you have a few appointments at the clinic, shopping center, or somewhere else. So, in order to not miss your turn, you can hire a professional line filler who will keep a place for you.

On average, such professionals make from 15 to 25 dollars per hour. And according to Business Insider, they can earn up to 1000 dollars a week! This job doesn’t require any certifications or training courses. All you need to become a line filler is patience and a lot of free time.

On a Final Note

In this article, we reviewed the top rarest jobs and how you can take advantage of them. As usual, we have done our best to provide you with relevant and valid details. And we sincerely hope that this piece of information was interesting to read and helpful in some ways.

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