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The Most Famous ETH Game Sites

Every year, the number of gambling that uses cryptocurrencies is overgrowing. Because interest in crypto technologies is increasing, many want to use these currencies in everyday life. Today we want to discuss Ethereum gambling sites to understand the secret of their popularity.

The most popular casino crypto

Today, most large casinos take cryptocurrencies, but most of them stop only on bitcoins. Today we want to talk about platforms that take many cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum...


It received the highest rating from ORDB - 4.5 out of 5. It is because it has received high marks from users and experts. This online casino is ideal for those who are used to playing gambling using cryptocurrencies. Here you are waiting for significant bonuses, a vast selection of gambling, and courteous support service.

Bit Starz

Many people love this platform for instant payments and a large selection of gambling (slots, poker, jackpot of the game, and much more). In addition, a very convenient mobile application allows you to play at any convenient time and anywhere.

The platform has a convenient support service available through chat on the site, e-mail, and social networks.


It was an incredibly popular bookmaker in the CIS for a long time. But gradually, it has developed, and now many gambling games are available worldwide. It is perfect if you like games with live dealers.

It takes both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, which is very convenient. It also has a very convenient mobile application, but users note that some bonuses need to improve.


It is a top-rated crypto casino specializing in the crypto of gambling (which does not accept fiat currencies). Here you can play slots, roulette, Black Jack, Bakkara, and games with Jack-Casino. In addition, here, you can use cryptocurrencies for sports betting.

In addition, this has a convenient mobile application with good functionality.


If you care about the security of your data and assets, you should choose this platform. It has an SSL 128-shifting, which allows you to maximize the level of protection. In addition, this has a high chance of winning, which users and many experts managed to ensure.

It takes fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Several reasons for the popularity of Crypto Casino

Every year, interest in cryptocurrencies is overgrowing. However, this is not just a fashion trend. The use of these assets has several advantages:

  • helps to circumvent state regulation;
  • accelerates transactions;
  • reduces commissions;
  • provides perfect security;
  • anonymity.

Thanks to cryptocurrencies, you can simplify the process of finding the winnings as much as possible. So, the money is credited to the account, and the commission is only a few dollars, even if you broke down the jack. In addition, playing cryptocurrencies, you do not need to provide personal casino data, which means you can ultimately play anonymously.

The Ethereum blockchain has the most thoughtful smart contracts and excellent safety; transactions in this database cannot be tracked and intercepted, so you can not worry about the security of your data or assets.

Another plus of using cryptocurrencies is the possibility of earnings on a change in value. Some currencies, including Ethereum, demonstrate a sharp decline or increase in value, which allows you to make good money. For example, you can start playing when the asset's cost is negligible and withdraw the winnings when the price multiplies.

What to look for when choosing an online casino?

The gambling sites mentioned above have an excellent reputation, and each deserves attention. However, it is worthwhile to talk separately about what points you need to pay attention to first of all:

  • the presence of a license;
  • convenient interface and mobile application;
  • selection of gambling activities;
  • bonus programs;
  • features of the input and withdrawal of money;
  • user reviews.

If you want to know more about the crypto casino, you can find all the necessary information on ORDB. This platform studies the gambling market and has a system for checking data and analyzing payment systems.

The presence of a license

The presence of a license is the leading indicator to which you need to pay attention. It is the key that the casino works legally, which means it is safe to use. You can ensure that the gambling platform has a platform on the site (usually, information is at the very bottom) and on the jurisdiction website. The unscrupulous casinos indicate licensing information, although they did not receive it.

Convenient interface and mobile application

It must be convenient for you to use the gambling site. Some platforms forget that real people will use their site, so they do not think about color, font, search, or navigation. In addition, make sure that the site does not have many pop-up windows that interfere with the game.

As for the mobile application, this should have the same functionality as a regular site, as well as games adapted to the needs of mobile devices.

Bonus programs

Among the most popular bonuses can be distinguished:

  • welcoming bonus;
  • weekly bonus;
  • cashback;
  • tournaments;
  • VIP programs;
  • bonuses on weekends.

As a bonus, you will receive free spins and a deposit percentage. Also, some casinos offer VIP privileges through a personal manager, quick payments, or increased limits.

Features of the input and withdrawal of money

Money in the account is always credited instantly, but there are often problems with withdrawing money. Players who use fiat currencies sometimes have to wait up to 7 days to receive their winnings. But, if you use cryptocurrencies, you can count on instant payments. It is also worth studying limits in advance.

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