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Top 5 Gaming Apps for Android

People are following technology, and today, we have been surrounded by technology whether we are at home or somewhere else. Technology made our life simply because I remember that I had to go to PCO to make the call when I was a kid, but today, we are carrying a PCO every time so, that's how technology affected our life.

The purpose of today's article is to introduce the top 5 gaming apps for the Android operating system. These five applications are very popular on the Google Play store, and you may surely like our content. We made hard research and picked five applications for you. I think that you must have played these applications since its lockdown situation everywhere so, people are tired of staying indoors so, that's why people are hunting gaming applications on Google Play-Store.


PUBG steals the 1st spot on the list, and PUBG is a royal battle game. People are addicted to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and it does not matter wherever we go. We may see many PUBG players sitting in every street, so PUBG is at its peak nowadays and what I like most about PUBG is that we have hardly seen women playing battle games. Still, PUBG has both men & women following so, and it shows that there is something unique in this application.

PUBG does not support single-player, and it's a multiplayer online product developed by PUBG Corporation. The gameplay is stunning, and the developer releases a new season after some time. They do bring something new in the upcoming season so, the lover of PUBG waits for the new season.

Some people play it for the sake of fun, but many people play it as a source of earning. The international companies organize the worldwide event at the end of every year. PUBG Global Championship is the biggest event of PUBG where players from all around the world come to compete & win the event. The winning prize is 2,000,000 for the 1st position holder, and the rest of the prize would be distributed among the rest of the top position holder.

Ludo King Game

Ludo king comes 2nd on the list, and it is a very popular application available on Google Play-Store. Its total downloads are over 100M+ so that's how people can measure the popularity of the product. It's the most common type of Ludo that we used to play in our childhood. Ludo king keeps the audience of every age because if someone is carrying an Android phone, then you must find this application there.

Ludo king also provides some extra options suppose if your internet connection is weak. Still, it automatically plays when the user's internet is down so, when the internet is connected again, it will start from the current situation of the game. Still, if the internet connection does not work for at least 3 minutes, then you should be disqualified from the game.

Subway Surfers Game

Subway Surfers is an adventure game and most popular on Play-store, and the total downloads are 1B+ so, the amount of total downloads is bigger than any other gaming applications. Kids enjoy playing it, and I used to play it the whole day in my childhood, but Android Phone was accessible to very few people so, I used to play it on my father's phone.

SYBO Games released the game, and it's a most leading application on Play-Store and considered one of the best applications available on Play-Store not only in the gaming category. Its gameplay is very simple, but people do like it because it's the best thing to do when you're bored.

Atoz apk is the most recommended brand to get mobile games so, check out the website to get more android games.

Tekken Game

Tekken mobile game is very popular and containing millions of downloads all around the world. Tekken series was initially released for PlayStation 2 device and then released for Windows operating system. Still, the Android system was launched in 2007 so, Tekken mobile was not released since there was no android OS before.

Tekken series includes many versions and available on many platforms. Tekken is another source of earning money through gaming. 25-30 international held of Tekken in different countries and some of the popular events are Evo Japan, Evo Las Vegas. Many Professional players come to show their skills, and international companies like Red Bull sponsor 90% of players. Red bull is considered the best sponsored in Tekken events because they do provide luxuries to their players. Namco organizes a big event at the end of every year, known as Tekken World Tour Finals. Last time, it was held in Thailand in December 2019, and one of the finest players, Chikurin, won that event.

Many professional players made it a profession because they do earn a good amount of money. Still, their trips are sponsored so they don't spend a single penny, but they can earn the winning prize if they win so, that's the best opportunity for many players, but most of the events are postponed due to Covid-19. Still, we may provide a platform where people can prepare themselves, and Tekken 3 is the finest version of the Tekken series available for android OS.

8 Ball Pool Game

8 ball pool loots the 5th position in the list, and it's a snooker game containing amazing features. If you do search snooker games on Play-Store, it must appear at the 1st spot because the popularity of the product is speechless and contains over 500M+ downloads worldwide. It's officially available on Play-Store. It contains multiple bets, and the bet can go up to 50M. 8 Ball pool contains a league that starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. The winner of the league earns a lot of coins and unlocked sticks.

8 ball pool can be used as a business because it's more like an addiction, so people spend most of the day playing it, so they want the coins every time. They seek the coins from others so, that's how you can demand the money for the coins, and they do give the money because they can't survive without playing this legendry game so, you may also like it.


We have completed complete the article and provided the maximum important data for each application. We provide the honest data which we have observed from these applications so. You should try out your luck, kill the boring life, and provide your views about this collection of applications.

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